Yuzu Orenjitake
Yuzu Uniform
Japanese Name 橙竹 ゆず
Mew Name Mew Citrus
Age 17
Animal Griffon (Modified Steppe Eagle and Asiatic Lion)
Transformation "Mew Mew Citrus, Metamorphose!"
Weapon Citrus Spear
Attack Ribbon Citrus Point
Zodiac Aries
Birthday April 18
Height 158 cm (5’2”)
Weight 52 kgs (115 lbs)
Hair Color Orange (Untransformed) Canary Yellow (Transformed
Eye Color Dark Brown (Untransformed) Canary Yellow (Transformed)
Blood Type AB
Likes Acting, Praise, Attention
Dislikes Being Ignored, Bugs, Dirt
Relatives Akane Orenjitake (Mother)

Daichi Orenjitake (Father)

Mikan Orenjitake (Sister)
Team Mythical Mew Mew
Position Long-Distance Fighter
V.A. (English) Annie Pondel
V.A. (Japanese) Megumi Nasu
Yuzu Orenjitake (橙竹 ゆず) is a minor character in Mythical Mew Mew and one of the main heroines of Mythical Mew Mew à la Carte.



Yuzu is a fair skinned girl with orange hair reaching her mid-back and dark brown eyes. Her casual clothes are feminine. Her school uniform is a pale lavender sweater over a white shirt with a red bow and red plaid skirt.

Her café uniform is a knee length gold-orange dress with a white heart-shaped apron with canary yellow frills around the heart and canary yellow ribbons. Her white socks reach her upper shins with frills at the top, a gold-orange bow is attached to each sock, her shoes are black with a gold-orange heart on the tongue and gold-orange laces. Lastly, she wears a lace headband.

Mew Citrus

As Mew Citrus, her hair and eyes turn canary yellow and she grows gold-orange wings and a brown and gold-orange lion tail. Her outfit is a stomach revealing top and shorts connected by suspenders. Her shoes are ankle length boots.

She also has gold-orange garters on both arms, her left thigh, and a choker. The tops and bottoms of her garters are lined with canary yellow lace. Her Mew Mark, a pair of wings with a lion's tail, is on her back.


An arrogant, pushy, and controlling girl with a love of theatre. Yuzu always wants to be in control of the situation, and wont accept anything less.




Weapon and Attack

Yuzu's weapon is the CitruSpear, a light orange spear with a light yellow head. A gold bow with a pink heart in the middle is attached below the head.

Her attack is Ribbon Citrus Point, in which Yuzu stabs the opponent several times in a second.


Mythical Mew Mew


Mythical Mew Mew a la Carte



  • Steppe eagles live in Asia and Europe
  • Asiatic lions live in India
  • She shares a Japanese voice actress with Sae Kashiwagi
  • She has the same English voice actress as Giselle from Pokémon.
  • Her name used to be Mami
  • An alternate weapon name fitting the pun theme naming is CitruSpear