Biographical Information
Age 16
Relatives Yukimura Kyofu
Alias Mew Ice
Romantic Interests Kisshu
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 160 cm
Weight 50 kg
Description Platinum blonde hair & blue eye (right) silver eye (left)
Mew Form
Animal DNA Arctic Fox
Weapon Ice Blade
Abilities Run Fast, Never feels cold
Mew Mark A fleur lis de with wings
Other Information
Talents Piano playing
Pets None
Likes Ice Creams, chocolates
Dislikes insects and bugs

Aisu was inserted the animal DNA when she was 12 by her father and cousin. She don't remember much, but the effect started when she was 13. She fight two or three battles until she ran away from Tokyo. A year later, she hope that the enemies are banished and Tokyo is safe. She is part of a fanfiction Tokyo Mew Mew: Power Up!


Aisu is a student council secretary. She is from a rich and wealthy family. She is also very smart and adored by many students in her school. She goes to the same school as Zakuro. Zakuro is her senior there. She's also very helpful and kind, even though she's quite cold at first. She live in Tokyo with her younger brother. She is caring but sometimes she never really show it. She always seemed cold, a bit selfish and not caring, but she's a good person.


She got a really light long blonde hair and she tie it into a french braid. She got cobalt blue eyes and fair skin. Her hair is waist long and sometimes tied into a bun.

Her usual clothes is a black shirt with medium poofed sleeves tucked into a high waist jean front button skirt, sleeve less white denim vest and blue socks and black and white flatforms. Or, she also wear a long sleeved light blue tank top, jeans, white parachute jacket and the same shoes.

Mew Form

In her mew form, her hair turned lighter into an almost white blonde-ish color. Her eyes turned into ultramarine blue. Her mew costume color is white and light blue. The bodice got a high neck and short sleeves and cropped. The bodice also have a flowy back about few more inches from her waist. She also wear shorts as the bottom and white and blue short boots, puffed arms and white finger cute gloves.


I work alone, and I have no intention to join forces with anybody.


  • Her twin brother, Kiiro, is currently missing few days after she become a mew a year ago. She finds out he's missing not long after he went for student exchange program and she never heard from him.
  • Aisu lived in Tokyo with her younger brother, Kyofu.
  • She is really scared of reptiles and bugs.
  • Zakuro is her senior.
  • She is also a friend of Kishu, Pai and Tarte.

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