The Yorkshire 7 is an evil group of Anti-Mews who are set on causing the destruction of happiness. Each member is named after a number and a vegetable. Regina Sauce was revealed to have an alliance with the group under the name Mew 7 Tomato, but later turned against them.


Mew 1 Garlic

Mew 1 Garlic, or Gayla Yorkshire, is the leader of The Yorkshire 7 and the oldest as well, being 25 years old. She was born at her home when her 17 year old mother married and got pregnant. Because her mother just survived a deadly sickness, she was very weak and died giving birth. Her father Gorden felt as if SHE was the cause of her mothers death, and thus abused her and made her life torture. And so, Gayla ran away, finding other lost, hurt people along the way, creating The Yorkshire 7. She is infused with the Northern Bat.

Mew 2 Corn

Mew 2 Corn, or Courtney Rogers, is the second in command of The Yorkshire 7. She will do anything for Gayla, up to the point of injuring herself so bad she had to take a sick leave, angering Gayla since they needed all the strength they could get. Courtney uses more brute force than brains, but that doesn't mean she's not smart. Witty and quick, she's never lost a least until she met the London Mew Mews. She is infused with the Asian WaterBuffalo.

Mew 3 Onion

Or Olivia Porter. Olivia is a deaf girl who was only adopted out of hasty pity. It was obvious her parents never loved her-They only seemed to care about her sister, Bella. Olivia ran away one night when overhearing her parents saying they never should have adopted her, since she was just 'another mouth to feed'. It was quite unfair since her family was quite wealthy. On the road, Olivia met Gayla and Courtney, immediately clinging to them. They felt sympathy for her-not because she was deaf, because of her mistreatment. Olivia is the youngest member at age 11. She almost never speaks and is infused with the Arctic Wolf.

Mew 4 SoyBean

The third oldest and the fastest, Mew 4 SoyBean (A.K.A. Silvia Crack) has shown that she is a dependable and reliable teammate. She is the fastest and strongest, rivaling that of even Mew 2 Corn! Although her speed can be her downfall...she can be quick to judge and falls for traps easily. Despite this, Mew 4 SoyBean would be 3rd in command If Onion hadn't already taken it. SoyBean is pretty annoyed that a deaf eleven year old had taken the spot that was to be hers...because of this, SoyBean tries many attempts to kill her. She always fails. Silvia has the DNA of a Cheetah.

Mew 5 Pea

Patty Martins is the smartest of the whole team, the only one smarter is that of Gayla. Patty is quiet but speaks up when she wants to, which is a lot, since her teammates fight almost every week. Patty never strays to the battlefield and instead surveys the Mew Mews with hidden cameras all over London. Silvia insists that this is a waste of time, but Patty argues that if they know what their enemies are up to, they have a better chance of defeating them. This has been proven correct since they won a battle just by merely knowing that they were going to to SweetBucks. Pea has the genes of the Gray Langur.

Mew 6 Pepper

Mew 6 Pepper is also known as Piper-Carla Bonds. She is a close friend of Regina and feels as though what the YorkShire is doing shouldn't be done. She is the only team member not to have a tragic life story-Her parents never died and always loved her. The worst it's gotten was when her mother and father got divorced but they remain good friends and even go out to dinner together on her birthday. Because of this, some of the team members argue she shouldn't be on the team, because it petty much destroys their entire philosophy: The pain they cause only makes us stronger. Regina defends Piper and makes sure she's treated well. Piper and Regina become fast friends with the closets Bond of the entire team. So close in fact, Piper sides with Regina when she quits. When the team is defeated, Piper takes Olivia, Patty, and Courtney to create the Sweet Squad, a peacekeeping organization and sister group to the London Mew Mews that defends those in need. She is infused with the Mountain Fox.

Mew 7 Tomato

Regina Sauce felt left out despite the fact she was known for her creative theories in the FanClub Miaulement. She soon meets Gayla and joins the team. She's happy with them until she learns of its true makes life misrable and get back at those who caused them pain. Regina doesnt see anywhere else to go, and stays for so long she feels as if what they say IS right. Tomato is then sent to go undercover with the London Mew Mews, posing as a loyal and quiet teammate. Regina soon sees the truth and goes against them in a final battle. Ichigo somehow regains her Mew Form and they defeat The YorkShire 7. She is infused with the Sea Otter.

Role in London Mew Mew


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