Biographical Information


  • A father somewhere in Japan
  • Lan Yong Ly (mother)
  • Xiang Bao Ly (older sister)
Love Interest

Keiichiro Akasaka

Physical Description







Prefers not to say

  • Black hair
  • Her hair is cut short and hugs the sides of her face
  • Golden eyes
Mew Form
Mew Name

Mew Twinkie

Animal DNA

Tricolored Blackbird

Mew Mark

A bow

Xin Tsun Ly is de facto leader of the Beta Generation of Mews in Mu Mew Myu. Her first appearance is in the prologue and her first "official" appearance is in chapter five, but don't hold me to that (it might be a bit later).


Xin Tsun is the calm to her mother's storm. In addition to being a very easy person to get along with, she also has the ability to calm Lan Yong when she's gotten into an argument with someone (leading to many jokes about Xin Tsun being a human buffer). She doesn't enjoy unnecessary conflict and is often quick to try to diffuse a situation. Especially if one of the other people involved is Shirogane.

A double edged sword is her loyalty. When they disagree (as they often do), it's very hard for Xin Tsun to choose between supporting her mother or Akasaka. She's also hard pressed to choose between supporting her Mew team and reaching out to help the new Mews. In these situations, she often ends up choosing what she thinks is the more logical option and then generally regrets it at least a bit.

She is also a very intelligent individual. Her days are spent working with her mother and the other scientists on the Mew project. Like some of the other subjects, she's quit her full-time obligations to participate in the project, but Xin Tsun finds learning things from her mother and the others to be an acceptable substitute to school, and she absorbs information they give her like a sponge.


At 5'6" Xin Tsun is of average height overall, but is tall compared to her mother or any other typical Asian woman. She has a bit of an hourglass build with a surprisingly large bust and wide hips, but the contrast isn't too sharp as she has a solidly built torso as well.

She has the same dark hair as her mother, but instead of tying it back all the time, Xin Tsun opts instead to just keep it cut short in an inverted bob.  She has it cropped close to her neck and face and often has to put it behind her ears since it falls in front of the right side of her face. She has bright golden brown eyes that aren't quite as almond-shaped as her mother's.

Even when working in a lab environment she dresses quite casually. Usually just a pair of dark jeans or slacks with a tank top and (when she can get away with it) a lab coat over top of that. Her mother's attempts to get her to dress more professionally have all ended in failure for one reason or another.

Mew Twinkie

Xin Tsun is infused with the genes of the Tricolored Blackbird. When transformed, she grows a pair of dark wings with red and yellow striping, as well as a feathery black tail. She is able to use her wings to fly and, in fact, prefers to fight in the air rather than on the ground.

Her costume consists of a one piece dress that is primarily white with a strip of golden yellow over her bust. She has the standard garter, puffs, and choker that are all white with yellow trim. Her shoes are simple white flats and there are yellow bands around her wrists.

Her weapon is a recurve bow that is all white except for some yellow material that makes up the grip. The arrows she uses are made of a pure yellow energy and appear in the bow as soon as she's drawn the string back. Xin Tsun has trained hard with her weapon, so she's able to fire it quite quickly and accurately.


  • Xin Tsun was actually the second Mew I designed, and she was originally supposed to fight as one half of a Mew duo with Helena.
  • The coloring on her wings is apparently the male blackbird's pattern. Whoops.
  • She's never met her father or her older sister.



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