Biographical Information
Age 43
Physical Description







~250 lbs

  • Blonde hair
  • Long and wavy, usually held up in something vaguely resembling a bun
  • Blue eyes
  • Freckles
Political Alignment
Affiliations The New Mews
Specialty Team Mom *is shot*

Victoria Mulcahy is a major recurring character in Mu Mew Myu. Her first appearance is in chapter one.

Victoria Mulcahy

Victoria is the wife of Kevin Mulcahy and mother of Mew Dawn Mulcahy, as well as Lila Mulcahy, and Lee Mulcahy. She is an important character to the plot of the story, but for the most part plays a supporting role. She also owns and runs the story's version of Café Mew Mew, which is called Café Shooting Star.


Many people look down on Victoria for her immaturity, but she doesn't think of herself as immature, but rather as someone who isn't afraid to have a bit of fun. She can live up to the responsibilities that come with both her job and her family, but if she wants to pull her daughters out of school so they can spend a day shopping, then that's exactly what she's going to do. There are times when her priorities seem skewed, but in the end, Victoria is always able to pull through for someone who is depending on her without making whatever task she needs to complete a chore.

She is also quite empathetic and conscious of what is going on around her. When there's something wrong with a person she is close to, she's able to pick up on it fairly quickly, and will want to do what she can to help them out. A large amount of her self-worth is tied up in her ability to please other people, and also what their opinions of her are. If she is not able to help someone, or if she does something and doesn't think it was well received, she will often obsess over it and feel down on herself. There is a fine balance between her fun loving side and socially conscious side, and so Victoria has become very capable of sizing a person up in a short time in order to have fun, but also not do anything she'll regret.


Victoria bears little resemblance to any of her children. She is the tallest member of her family and is slightly overweight. Because of this, she has a round face and soft features. Most of her body weight is centered around her stomach, giving her a more apple shaped body type. Like all of her children, she does have freckles, but they're a lot lighter and mostly confined to a splash across her cheeks.

She has golden blonde hair with a natural wave to it that would look incredibly nice if she ever bothered to style it properly. For the most part, she'll brush it through once and then throw it up in a bun. On rare occasions when she's trying to look professional or fancy, she'll comb it all the way through and leave it hanging loose, where it will reach just below her shoulder blades. Her eyes are bright blue, and even though she's still quite young, she already has the beginnings of smile lines at the corners.

The clothing she most often wears is mostly casual. She'll often just wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt of some kind with few other adornments. The closer she gets to the opening of the café though, the more often she is seen running around in more professional clothing like dress pants and a blazer. She is never quite as comfortable dressed like that, and will always change as soon as she thinks it would be appropriate. Because of her height, she has never felt comfortable in heels, so the vast majority of the shoes she owns are flats (and most of the ones that are actually heels have been seized by Lila).


  • When Lila and Lee were born she quit her full-time job, but did a lot of freelance writing until she bought the café.
  • She tends to talk very loudly when on the phone to make sure the person on the other end can hear her. Lila telling her that her normal voice will be heard just fine has had no effect on this.


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