ultra mew mew team photo! with a few different colors (credits to the creator of the Tokyo mew mew base!)


the ultra mew mews! (all credit goes to the creator of the Tokyo mew mew base)

ultra mew mew is a group of mew mews I made up with my imagination. all bases of pictures belong to their original owners.


ultra mew mews are a new kind of mew mew used to fill the place of Tokyo mew mew (by the time I create a story, Tokyo mew mew will be retired)


lily Simon (mew fruit punch) lily is the leader of the ultra mews. she is hard working and very dependable. her DNA is fused with a lynx and her weapon is the fruit staff.

mina snow (mew vanilla) mina is second in charge in ultra mew mew. she may be calm, but she can pack a punch! her DNA is fused with a rabbit and a fox and her weapon is the vanilla whistle.

Kelly jones (mew bubblegum)

Kelly is the youngest member of the team. she loves the forest and climbing trees. her DNA is fused with a brown bear and her weapon is the bubblegum buster.

veronica luna (mew nightberry)

veronica is often seen and called a vampire (she is not by the way!) because of this, she tends to try to hide from the world (she fails all the time) her DNA is fused with a fruit bat and her weapon is the nightberry orb.

keira sunn (mew techno)

keira is the oldest member of ultra mew mew. she is very good with technology and bulding robots. her DNA is fused with a white dove and her weapon is the tech-blade (sort of like a light saber but more different)

base of operations

instead of a café, the ultra mews base of operations is at the "ultra comics" comic book store. like café mew mew, there is a laboratory, but it is upstairs. "ultra comics" usually has lot of customers go in and buy comics, action figures, and other items. why a comic book store? because it's different.

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