Twinkle☆Mew Mew! (トゥインクル☆ミュウミュウ! Tuinkuru☆Myū Myū!) is the first season of CureHibiki's Tokyo Mew Mew franchise. The story is about four girls who become the new Mews Mews and fight against Nemesis for the sake of Earth. The story takes place 10 years after the events of Tokyo Mew Mew and in a different town. The theme for this story is jewels.

Twinkle☆Mew Mew!
Tuinkuru☆Myū Myū!
General Information
Created byUser:CureHibiki
Created onNovember 7, 2014
Original RunApril 4, 2015 - ongoing
Episodes52 episodes
Opening SongRESTART!!
Ending SongKiseki Typhoon
Series Info




Mew Mews

Hoshimoto Shion (星本しおん Hoshimoto Shion)
Voice Actor: Yūki Aoi
Shion is the protagonist and leader of the team. She has a bright and friendly personality despite being an orphan. She tends to daydream a lot, loves to cook and doesn't mind a challenge. She hates being alone and can be quite clumsy. Shion transforms into Mew Amethyst (ミューアメジスト Myū Amejisuto) whilst having the DNA of an Arctic Wolf.

Shinjo Aya (新庄あや Shinjo Aya)
Voice Actor: Horie Yui
Aya is the second Mew Mew to join the team. She has a loud and energetic personality and is quite lazy when it comes to studying. She has an interest in hunting and lives in a very strict household. She is very sporty and hates cats. She is best friends with Nagisa. Aya transforms into Mew Topaz (ミュートパーズ Myū Topāzu) whilst having the DNA of a Fox.

Amano Nagisa (天野なぎさ Amano Nagisa)
Voice Actor: Ishikawa Yui
Nagisa is the third Mew Mew to join the team. She has a shy and friendly personality and she average with her grades. However, she can get bad grades due to her love of reading and watching anime. She loves to swim and has self confidence issues. Nagisa transforms into Mew Sapphire (ミュー サファイア Myū Safaia) whilst having the DNA of the Little Blue Penguin.

Fujimura Ayumi (藤村あゆみ Fujimura Ayumi)
Voice Actor: Koshimizu Ami
Ayumi is the fourth Mew Mew to join the team. She has a calm and collected personality and has a huge passion for singing. She loves helping her father with his work as well as writing her own music which she dreams of having the world listen to. Ayumi transforms into Mew Emerald (ミューエメラルド Myū Emerarudo) whilst having the DNA of a Robin.


Starling (スターリング Sutāringu)
Voice Actor: Mizusawa Fumie
Starling is the mascot of the team who helps the girls develop the power to defeat Nemesis. She is star-shaped with wing angel wings on her back.


Other Characters




  • Unlike the Tokyo Mew Mew, the girls in Twinkle☆Mew Mew! do not have their civilian name in their Mew Mew counterpart.



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