Tropica Mew Mew
General Information
Opening SongLet's Go~TROPICA!
Ending SongFruity~A La Mode
Series Info


Tropica Mew Mew is a magical girl anime series created by PrettyPreppy~ based on Tokyo Mew Mew, sharing some concepts and themes. The overall theme relates to fruit, romance and friendship, with a sub-theme of music.



Mew Mews

Shizuka Hanegi (静か羽城) / Mew Passionfruit (ミューパッションフルーツ)

Voiced By: Nana Mizuki
Fused DNA: Great Egret
Theme Color: Ruby Red, White
The 15 year-old main protagonist of the series. Quiet and timid, Shizuka has an extremely hard time getting to know others but most of all, standing up for herself and making friends-which she tries a ton, which all never work out much to her disappointment. Shizuka although rarely gets angry and has never been known in her entire life to raise her voice. As an alternative to raising her voice, she prefers to right down her feelings in her journal, which she brings everywhere. She tries her best to be a good leader, even though she is the worst when it comes to making decisions.  

Maggie Wells (マギー・ウェルズ) / Mew Mango (ミューマンゴ)

Voiced By: Yui Horie
Fused DNA: Sun Bear
Theme Color: Tangerine, Marigold
A transfer student from Pennsylvania, America who can speak Chinese, Japanese and Spanish in addition to Korean and Italian all fluently. Ever since her first day, she has become the crush of all boys in Classes 2-B, 2-C and 2-D in addition to a very special someone. Despite being very beautiful and elegant, she can also be a bit childish at times and forgetful but is great at keeping her cool-even if getting angry is the last thing anyone would ever see her do. She is actually quite stubborn.

Courtney Ishiyama (コートニー石山) / Mew Coconut (ミューココナッツ) 

Voiced By: Asami Tano
Fused DNA: Leatherback Seaturtle 
Theme Color: Tan, Coffee Brown
Out of place and worrysome, Courtney is really a rather misunderstood girl who many have come to believ is actually male, as of her height, figure and way of speech. Courtney is rather insecure and tries to hide itbehind the image evryone else has given her but it usually never works out and she ends up revealing the big coward she really is. Courtney, although never has expirienced love before, has recently discovered but is unsure about her choices. Courtney simply wants to find her place in the team.

Chika Midorino (千花緑野) / Mew Kiwi (ミュウキウイ)

Voiced By: Fukuhara Haruka
Fused DNA: Eld's Deer
Theme Color: Lime, Grass Green
Youngest of the team being only 14 years-old. Chika is also the second youngest in a family of eight, but since all of the older ones went off and now live on their own, except Hana and Momo, who live together in New York. So now, she is the oldest with her baby sister, Madoka who is blind. She wishes she could help her little sister with her sight even though she knows its impossible. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, writing stories and reading manga. Chika is often insulted for her height.  

Pina Garcia (ピナ・ガルシア) / Mew Pineapple (ミューパイナップル) 

Voiced By: Yoshida Hitomi
Fused DNA: Egyptian Vulture
Theme Color: Yellow, Gold
A new girl from Madrid, Spain who is the team's fashion expert, which is good as she aspires to travel to Paris to live out her fashion designer dream.  But for now, her dream is to make as much times with her friends as possible as her parents say they are only staying in Japan for a few months before they go back to Madrid. Pina secretly has a natural phobia of ants, and will immediately scream and run for her life if even walked closed to by one. Pina is currently learning Japanese from Maggie. She hates being called by her surname.

Rachel Zhou (レイチェル周) / Mew Lychee (ミューライチ)

Voiced By: Kouda Mariko
Fused DNA: Beluga Whale
Theme Color: Light Cherry Pink, Salmon, White
Recently coming to Japan from Shanghai, China to live with her aunt and uncle. Since the officials decided she was no longer allowed to live with her parents, after her mother being deceased and her father being terribly ill. Aloof, distant and cold Rachel has a seriously difficult time expressing her emotions and connecting to others, which might explain her below average-leveled people skills. She prefers to be in the background rather than the spotlight. Rachel rather despises the idea of being a Mew Mew and rather not be one in anyway until later on when she learns to accept her new identity.