Biographical Information


  • Unnamed parents
Love Interest

Kate Burnham

Physical Description







~115 lbs

  • Blonde hair with rainbow bangs
  • Long, usually kept in a high ponytail
  • Brown eyes
Mew Form
Mew Name

Mew Macaroon

Animal DNA

Brown Teal

Mew Mark

None visible


A flail

Katrina "Trina" Langes is a member of the New Generation of Mews in Mu Mew Myu.  She's one of the first two Mews to transform, and her first appearance is in chapter one.


There is no doubt in anyone's mind that Trina is a bit of a wild child. She tends to do what she wants and only think about what will be fun or enjoyable or exciting without carefully considering the consequences. This has led to her developing a solid sense of self as well as a lot of confidence, but has also led her to making bad decisions and often getting caught up with the wrong crowd. She has a history of drug use and just generally throwing caution to the wind, but after starting her final year of high school, the impending future of "adult life" has led her to start making an effort to become a more mature person and put all that behind her. Her efforts to do this are only successful about half the time, as she finds old habits die hard.

Something most people are surprised to find out about her is that despite her wild nature, she cares very much for other people and always seems to be willing to do something for another person. Often she will detract from this by asking for something in return, but she does genuinely enjoy giving to other people and using her skills to make someone else happy. It makes her feel like she's putting her talents to good use and if nothing else, at least she made those few people happy.


Trina is a teenage girl of average height with a flat chest and some slight definition on her hips. She is slightly underweight and has a tendency to stuff her bra (much to her chagrin, any stuffing does not carry over when she transforms, so her natural figure is still there for everyone to see). Her skin is quite pale and there are many places on her face where there are small scars from piercings she no longer wears.

She has blonde hair that, when left down, reaches almost to her mid back. The fringe has been carefully dyed with the colors of the rainbow, and she generally keeps her hair tied up in a high ponytail. No matter how she may look on any given day, her hair always appears glossy and well taken care of.  She has dark brown eyes and tends to wear a heavy amount of make up.

The clothing Trina wears can often be considered fashionable. Due to her great interest in the fashion industry, she'll always try to keep up on the latest trends and delights in putting her own pseudo-punk flair on them. She has a specific fondness for boots of any length, and torn jeans and leggings. She also tends to wear a large amount of jewelry, whether it be necklaces or earrings or chains attached to her clothing, and it will generally be silver in color with few accents on it.

Mew Macaroon

In her Mew form, Trina is infused with the genes of the Brown Teal. She has a pair of feathered brown wing sprouting from her back, and a feathered tail as well. Her eyes turn from their natural brown to a shade of teal that matches her outfit.

Her costume is a one-piece jumpsuit that cuts low on her chest and ends in a short pair of shorts. A large chunk of fabric over her chest is a semi-transparent brown color, and there is a similar effect on her neckline, connecting the top to her choker. She has the standard choker, arm puffs, and garter, as well as a pair of knee-high brown boots, and short fingerless gloves.

The weapon she uses is a sort of one-handed flail. It has a brown handle with strips of teal fabric wrapped around it as a grip. The chain and ball are made of a rusty looking red-brown metal. It is primarily a physical weapon, although she later gains the ability to magically extend the flail's chain, making it decent for ranged attacks as well.


  • The way she talks about being able to see new colors when transformed is a reference to how ducks have more color cones in their eyes than humans.
  • She will never admit whether she's joking about that or if her transformation actually affects the structure of her eyes.
  • She used to have a large number of piercings, but recently removed all but the ones in her ears and the one on her belly button.



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