Transformations (CGMM)
is part of Candy Gem Mew Mew and belongs to KiraKira-Chan

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This is a list of transformations for Candy Gem Mew Mew.

Mew Lollipop

Jess kisses her Mew Pendant and says "Mew Mew Lolly! Metamorphosis!" and touches it to the Mew Mark on her arm. Then, a large flowing pink cape covers up her nudity as she flys around and twirls. Her gloves and shoes appear and peek out of the cape as it flows. Then, the cape contracts into what looks like a glowing swim suit until it bursts creating her outfit. Then, an orange a doe appears and goes inside Her as her pendant attaches itself to her choker. She taps her shoulders whitch makes her puffy sleeves appear. She does the same to her leg and her garter appears. She then winks, strikes a pose and says "Mew Lollipop!".

Mew Gumdrop


Mew Fizz


Mew BonBon


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