Tora Rinko
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Tora Rinko
Tora Rinko.png
Japanese Name 寅りんこ
Mew Name Mew Gumdrop
Age 13
Animal Sugar Glider
Transformation Transformations (CGMM)
Weapon Tba
Attack Tba
Hair Color Brown (Rinko) Light orange (Mew Gumdrop)
Eye Color Green
Likes Animals, cake, books.
Dislikes Performing on stage, singing in public, wearing puffy sleeves.
Relatives Tora Narumi (Yonger sister)
Nicknames Sugar-Chan
Team Candy Gem Mew Mew
Position Team mate
V.A. (English) Rinko Tora
V.A. (Japanese) ミュウガムドロップ
Character Themes Mint, Gumdrops, Sugar Gliders.

Tora Rinko (寅りんこ) is the second Mew of Candy Gem Mew Mew. Her animal genes are of a Sugar Glider and her Candy DNA are of mint.


Tora Rinko


Mew Gumdrop



For a while, Rinko was all alone with no friends. This made her incredibly shy, almost to the point she won't go outside her house. However, when she met Jess it all changed. She gained courage. But when Jess left to go back to America, she went back to her shy state. And when Jess returned, she became a Mew Mew.



Mew Gumdrop

"Mew Mew Gumdrop! Metamorphosis!"
Myuu Myuu Gamudorappu! Metamorufooze!

More Tba


Tora Narumi (Younger sister)

More TBA


Rinko means "Dignified child"

A Gumdrop is a chewy candy sold to children.


  • Sugar Glider
  • Mints and Mint Leaves

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