Tokyo jewel mew: flesh stones of victory is the first instalment of sailorsonata's series, Tokyo jewel mew.

the team

Ai kotoba/mew vitality

Ai is the team's lovable leader, and hoshi kotoba/mew instinct's sister, she is imbued with the DNA of a dragon.

Hana no sasayuki/mew fate

Ai's best friend and first teammate she finds, she is imbued with the DNA of a chameleon.

Ame ni inori/mew silence

The silent, more mature second member, Ame is imbued with the DNA of a jiang shi (Chinese hopping zombie)

Rikku sherbetto/mew fury

The childish third member of the team, she is imbued with the DNA of a hell hound.

Sonika Rubeus/mew dignity

The fourth member of the team, calm and loving, she is imbued with the DNA of a rock Python.

Hoshi kotoba/mew instinct

Ai's sly, prideful sister is the fifth member of the team and she is imbued with the DNA of a brown wolf.


- rikku's surname means sherbet

- this the only series to have two mews be related to each other.

- and this is the first series to have a mew be imbued with extinct animal genes (ai kotoba), a mew with genes of a mythical animal (Rikku sherbetto) and a mew imbued with the genes of an undead animal (Ame ni inori)

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