Tokyo Mew Mew: Sugar Rush is the third Tokyo Mew Mew fanon created by Japanesenerd247. The story consists of six girls who have been infused with special DNA to defend the world from aliens who want to take it.


Exactly one year later after the events of Fruity Mew Mew...

We begin the story with 15 year-old Soda Takashi, you're average nerd next door with a big love for Tokyo Mew Mew. She was walking to school one day, and saw a lady in trouble. The lady was about to be attacked, and Soda blocked it, causing Soda to sense things that no one else could sense. She decided to go to the nurse at her school the next day, but the nurse was actually part of the Sugar Mew Project. The nurse purposely gave Soda "medicine" in the form of a vaccine, which was actually Goldman's jaguar DNA...


Soda Takashi (Grace Williams)- Mew Soda

Soda Takashi is the 15 year-old leader of Tokyo Mew Mew: Sugar Rush. Soda is quite fun and outgoing, but she can get herself in a whole lot of trouble. She is also a big fan of sports, especially football, despite her girly appearance. As Mew Soda, her DNA is fused with that of a Goldman's jaguar and grape soda. Her color is light purple.

Taffy Aoyama (Paulina Haywoods)- Mew Taffy

Taffy is the outgoing 10 year-old of the group. Before, she was so shy, and she was so depressed with her life. Now, ever since she joined with the other Mews, she became more outgoing. As Mew Taffy, her DNA is fused with that of a Norway lemming and blue raspberry taffy. Her color is raspberry blue.

Lemondrop Kimura (Ellie Yellowstone)- Mew Lemondrop

Lemondrop is the lone 17 year-old wolf (not literally) of the group. Meringue is commonly described as cold-hearted and mean, but she is actually the nicest person you'll ever meet, because she never gets angry, but she is fierce ad hardworking. As Mew Lemonade, her DNA is fused with that of a flying steamer duck and lemondrops. Her color is light yellow.

Jello Midorinawa (Candace Wooton)- Mew Jello

Jello is the shy 11 year-old girl who actually is a lover of pop stars and idols. Jello is very sweet, despite being bullied constantly. As Mew Jello, her DNA is fused with the African glass catfish and lime jello. Her color is lime green.

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