Banished Away, A Whole New Enemy

The earth is free from the aliens. The mew project had finished and they're back to their own normal lives.

Pai landed their jet slowly to the ground in another planet, far far away from the earth.

"Home..." Kisshu said.

"What's left of it." Taruto teased as their jet stopped and the engine is off.

"We will be able to restore it slowly. With Deep Blue is gone, we could start over our planet." Kisshu smiled.

"Is that so? Then where should we start?" Taruto frowned.

"The question is, How?" Pai asked and pushed the door button.

"Well, we'll figure it out later." Kisshu said as he opened the jet door.

Pai and Taruto followed him. "I wonder actually... Where does Deep Blue actually come from?"

"I don't know--" Pai said and he bumped into Kisshu.

"Oi! Kisshu! Don't stop in the middle of the door!" Taruto complained.

But, Kisshu gazed at what he saw. "Who is that...?" he pointed.

Taruto and Pai peeked and their eyes bulged in shock. A guy in pale skin and very pale light blonde hair sat in a black spiked throne. He wore a black long sleeved flowy jacket with some red and under it her wore a red shirt and black pants with black leather shoes. He got devil red eyes and cunning smile. He's carrying a black and silver sword and they cannot see his face because his back face them.

"Well, It looks like you three returned..." He said.

"" Pai asked in terrified voice.

The guy laughed in an evil tone, then stopped. "My name is Sword Prince. I am your ruler now."

"Since when..." Kisshu started.

Sword Prince smirked. "A couple year ago, I was called by Deep Blue. I stayed quite long in this planet and waited for the right time until Deep Blue banished. Now, I'm your leader."

"What do you want us to do?" Kisshu asked.

"Kisshu!" Taruto hissed.

"Not much," Sword Prince stood. "I need you to continue what you used to do. Continue you mission, your accomplishments. Destroy the earth."

Pai, Taruto and Kisshu stiffened. They turned to each other. Pai opened his mouth but Kisshu snapped. "Then you won't get what you need."

"Pardon?" he frowned.

"Our mission, is no longer destroying earth." Kisshu said.

"Yes, our mission is to restore out planet." Taruto added and stood next to Kisshu.

Pai nodded and followed. "And also, protect the earth."

Sword Prince gaped, then he laughed. "You? Aliens vow to protect the earth?"

"You may laugh, but you cannot change what we want." Pai said.

"Right, I cannot." Sword Prince sat back down. "But, since you don't follow my orders...I don't need you."

He pick up his sword and raise it up high. A red glow surrounded the sword and a blast of red light shot three of them. "You're banished." he said.

"What is this?" Taruto confused.

The red light banished them and flew them back to earth. The Sword Prince sat back down.


The night is calm, the sky is clear and the wind is soothing. Mew Mew Cafe is closed since it's midnight.

A figure of a girl in light blonde hair stopped and faced the cafe.

"It's been a long time..." she said calmly.

The wind blew a bit stronger. The moon shine bright.

She smiled and turned back. As she walk back, she heard something falling from above. She stopped and look up. Three figure is falling and landed directly in front of her. Two fell to tree and one hit him right to the ground. A puff of smoke covered her face. She looked at the two body lying under the tree. She carefully stepped forward towards them and shocked. She recognize them.

"What are they doing here...?" she whispered to herself.

She turned to a pit where the last person fallen. Her eyes shocked and she step back. She not only know him. She met him. Few times.

"What is going on..." she whispered.

She assumed they were dead. They just fallen from the sky and hit hard on the ground. But, as she walk closer, she could feel their heartbeats and breaths. She sighed in relief.

"What a pain." she said.

She called somebody on her phone. "Pick me up please. Yes, use the limo." Then she hung up.

She look at the three of them again. Not she did recognize them, she knew who they are. She met them before. Couple of times. They're Kisshu, Pai and Taruto as she remembered.


"Mint! We're full handed here! Could you please just help us this once?!!" Ichigo shouted to Mint and she carried a tray full of dirty plates.

"Then who will taste today's special tea if I help you?" Mint said as she calmly sipped her tea.

"Come on!" Ichigo complained as she carried the dirty dishes.

"What a stubborn girl..." Mint exhaled.

"That is Ichigo for sure..." Lettuce agreed.

Back in the kitchen, Akasaka is busy washing the dishes when Ichigo entered.

"I'm tired..." she exhaled.

"What are you doing? Keep working!" Shirogane shouted at her.

Ichigo shocked and her angry mode is on. she turned to Shirogane. "Working?! Why do I need to work? Aliens are gone, mew project is over!"

"Well...that might be true..."

"Right! Then why do we need to keep working here?!"

"The aliens may be gone, but we still need to prepare for something that might happen." Akasaka explained.

"What might happen?" Zakuro asked who just entered the kitchen.

"First if all, the mew project may not be finished." Shirogane started.

"Eh? Why?" Ichigo startled.

"Because we still have our marks in our body, isn't it right?" Zakuro asked.

"Yes," Akasaka said as he turn off the tap. "If the mew project is really finished, your marks will be gone and Masha will also shut down."

"Masha? What will happen to Masha?" Ichigo asked.

"Masha is designed for the mew project, when it's completed its job, it will shut down." Shirogane explained.

"Right, and yet, he's still alive." Akasaka added.

"Then, Deep Blue and the aliens may not be gone yet. And they might attack us?" Zakuro asked.

"Perhaps..." Shirogane folded his arms. "Or maybe, a new enemy could attack."

"New enemy...?" Zakuro said.

"Who will be the new enemy?" Ichigo asked.

"We don't know, luckily nothing attack us yet." Shirogane said.

"But, we still have to keep our guards up." Akasaka reminded them.

Shirogane peeked outside. "By the way, why is the store is so quite?"

Pudding pushed the door. "I'm tired..." she said and fell down.

"We have to close early because the cakes are all out." Lettuce explained.

"Eh? the cakes are all out? No...I cannot eat some free cakes today..." Ichigo cried.

"Why Ichigo complained about that?" Pudding shook her head.

Mint giggled. "By the way, what are you talking about?"

"Nothing much," Shirogane walked outside. "You may go home now. Take care."

Ichigo, Mint, Lettuce, Pudding and Zakuro went to the change room and change back into their uniforms. As they about to go out, Akasaka stopped them for awhile.

"Everyone, can you please wait for a moment?" he said.

"What's wrong Akasaka?" Pudding asked.

"Here," he gave Masha to Ichigo. "You might need Masha again."

"Oh right, if you found something peculiar, report immediately. We need to know." Shirogane said.

"Why?" Mint asked.

"Mew project might not finished yet, somebody must be out there waiting to attack us." Shirogane said.

"Mew project...has not finished?" Lettuce asked.

"Just a guess..." Akasaka said.

"Then, if mew project is not finished yet, what will happen?" Mint asked.

"You will fight again, like you normally do." Shirogane said and he sat down.

"Oi! You're the one who make us not normal!" Ichigo complained.

"Well, you've become a mew for quite long so there's you normal self." Shirogane answered simply.

"By the way, where is Zakuro?" Lettuce wondered.

"Sorry for the delay." Zakuro appeared in her uniform and carrying a map filled with papers and a tote bag that looks heavy.

"Zakuro, what is that?" Pudding asked as she peeked to the bag.

"These are for the school festival. It will be held in three days." Zakuro explained.

"Festival?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes, a festival for students creativity." Zakuro answered.

"Zakuro must be really busy, right? You're the student council president after all." Mint praised.

"Yes. If you'd like to come, you all free to come. We're still on preparation though, but if you'd like to visit you are welcomed." Zakuro smiled.

"Aaaah! An Invitation by Zakuro? I'll surely come!" Mint squealed.

"But, is it alright? wont we be a bother?" Lettuce asked.

"Of course not, we may be able to use some help." Zakuro stood. "Well, I'll leave now."

"See you!" Ichigo said.


In a really big house, Kisshu was asleep and dreaming. He dreamt about home. He saw his father, his mother. But slowly, the image faded. Slowly, he opened his eyes. Hoping, that his mom is in front of him. Instead, she looked at a girl with light blonde hair, braided, is reading a book. The girl looked at him and smiled.

"Are you awake?" she asked.

Kisshu blinked for few times. "Where am I?"

The girl put her book down and pour him a water. "You're at my house. I found you wounded at the park."

"Only me?" he asked.

"Nope, you and two other." She gave him a glass of water. "Here."

Kisshu take it. "Thank you." he said and drink it. "Why are you not suprised to see me? My ears and my outfit..."

"Why should I?" the girl take the glass back.

"What do you mean?" Kisshu asked as he rubbed his face.

The girl smiled and turned to him as she crossed her arms. "Perhaps you don't remember me, but I do."

Kisshu's eyes snapped open. He remember her. She's a mew. Or was a mew. He fought with her three times few years ago until she is gone. He never actually wondered why is she not with other mews. The last time he fought with her, it was a pretty big fight. He almost killed her brother, as he recalled. He lost though, but since that on, she never meet her again.

"You..." Kisshu started but cannot find a word.

"Guess you do remember." The girl said. "My name is Yukimura Aisu. You might know me as Mew Ice, Ikisatashi Kisshu."

"You remember my name?" Kisshu blinked.

"Of course." she said and she took and apple and peel it slowly.

"Then, you do know that we used to be enemies. Why do you save me?" Kisshu asked.

"I just feel like it. Besides, you're injured and you could die. And if you die, people who saw your corpse will wonder what creature are you." She answered. "Besides, I doubt that you came back to earth to ruin it."

"You're...a mew, right?" Kisshu asked.

"Perhaps. Why do you ask?"

"Then, why dont you join the Tokyo Mew Mew?" Kisshu asked.

Aisu smiled. "I quit become a mew." she put the peeled and cut apples in a plate. "Here."

"Thanks." Kisshu took it. "How long have I been here?"

"About a week."

"A week?!" Kisshu startled.

"Your brothers are awake two days before. They're still resting though."

"Taruto and Pai are okay? That's a relief..." Kisshu exhaled.

"Well, I'll leave you for rest. Don't ever try to get out of the house. Your wound is pretty deep and it could reopen." Aisu stood and picked her book. "I'll call your brothers."

Kisshu watched her walk to the door. "Hey, Yukimura..."

"Just call me Aisu." she turned.

"Aisu, thank you for the hospitality. And sorry for what I did before." he said.

Aisu smiled. "Just rest calmly, okay?" she said and opened the door.

As Aisu opened, two people are waiting in front of the door. Kisshu peeked and shocked.

"We'd like to see Kisshu." Pai said.

"Pai? Taruto?" Kisshu called.

Aisu turned to Kisshu. "Are you okay with visitors?"

"Sure." Kisshu answered.

"Don't make him too tired. You two too, you both are still injured." Aisu said.

Aisu let them enter and closed the door. Pai and Taruto sat on the chair next to the bed. Taruto got some blisters around his cheeks and arms. Pai got few scratches and his left arms wrapped in bandage.

"How are you feeling?" Pai asked.

"You're the most unlucky, huh Kisshu. That girl said we both fell to a tree while you straight to the ground. Must be really hard, right?" Taruto asked while teasing him.

"I'm fine." Kisshu demanded.

"You're not judging your injuries." Pai said.

Kisshu got blisters, his hands wrapped in bandage, a big scratch on his forehead and his chest is also wrapped tightly in bandage.

"Then, what should we do?" Taruto asked.

"We cannot go back, obviously. We also cannot stay in here for too long, we don't know who is she." Pai said.

"I do." Kisshu said.

"You do?" Pai asked.

"I fought with her couple years ago. She's a mew, but she said she quit and she never in touch with the mew mews we know." Kisshu answered.

"What do you want to do Kisshu?" Taruto asked.

Kisshu leaned to the bed. "I want to help her. I want her to meet the mews and fight with them. Because I have a feeling the person who banished us will attack earth, like before."

Pai and Taruto looked at each other.

"We'll help you." Pai answered.

"Eh? Really?" Kisshu glanced.

"In this situation, we need to stick together until we find a way to restore out home." Pai answered.

"Then there's only one option." Kisshu sat down. "We need to meet Tokyo Mew Mew and tell them."

"Let us go, you stay here." Pai stood.

"But I want to go!" Kisshu demanded.

"Kisshu, you're badly injured. What if your injuries opened and you died?" Taruto flew.

"Right, and Aisu tell you to rest. You better do it if you want to help her." Pai said.

The door knocked and Aisu came in with a tray of food. Next to her is a boy in dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Kyofu? Where have you been?" Taruto asked.

"Kyofu?" Kisshu whispered to Pai.

"Kisshu, that is Aisu's younger brother, Kyofu. We've become friends for few days."

"Hello." Kyofu said.

"You too." Kisshu said.

"So, this is your friend?" Kyofu asked. "He seems...annoying."

"What do you mean?!" Kisshu said, angry.

"Oi, calm down." Kyofu folded his arms. "I'm telling the truth."

"Kyofu, stop it." Aisu said. "Dinner is ready, you and Pai and Taruto could start first."

"Thank you." Pai said.

Kyofu, Pai and Taruto get out of the room and Aisu sat and took a small bowl of porridge.

"You haven't eaten anything for a week." Aisu sighed and give him a spoon of porridge. "Here."

"You're not eating dinner?" Kisshu asked.

"I've eaten yesterday and you haven't." Aisu said. "Hurry or it will get cold."

Unfinished. To Be continued....

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