Tokyo Mew Mew: Power Up! is a fanfiction of the original Tokyo Mew Mew. It's still consist the original Tokyo Mew Mew characters and places. But, the team got a new member. Or should they said...old member. Old enemies are gone (or so they think) and new enemies are approaching with much more power. This fanfiction is created by User named AisuShironami.



  • Yukimura Aisu / Mew Ice
  • Momomiya Ichigo / Mew Strawberry
  • Aizawa Mint / Mew Mint
  • Midorikawa Lettuce / Mew Lettuce
  • Pudding Fong / Mew Pudding
  • Fujiwara Zakuro / Mew Zakuro


  • Ryou Shirogane
  • Akasaka Keiichiro
  • Aoyama Masaya
  • Yukimura Kyofu


  • Ikisatashi Kisshu
  • Ikisatashi Pai
  • Ikisatashi Taruto


  • Thunder Storm
  • Kanzoo
  • Ume
  • Tamarindo

Main Plot

Since the aliens are gone, they thought that everything is over and under controlled. But, a new enemy is rising and far stronger than before. Kishu, Pai and Taruto fly back to their home planet only to find that a new master had come. He ordered them to come back to earth and destroy it at once. They refused and the new master have them banished to the earth. He and his allies brew a new plan in order to destroy earth and all living thing inside and rule the planet. Attacks begun to approach once more and the mews are back on the job. Ichigo, Mint, Lettuce, Pudding and Zakuro defends the earth as mews once more. But, the enemies are too strong to handled by five of them. Meanwhile, Kisshu, Pai and Taruto who thrown away to earth, seperated from his brothers, injured. He planned to tell the mews about the new enemy, but he's too weak. Until, a girl save them. The mews must find a way to defeat the new enemies. And soon, they find out about the missing member they need.

Episode List

  1. Episode 1 - Banished away, A whole new enemy
  2. Episode 2 - A new teammate? The girl as cold as ice
  3. Episode 3 -

this part is not finished yet.


Mew Cafe - The secret hideout for the mews. They also work here as waitress and this place is their meeting point.



Strawberry Bell - Mew Ichigo's weapon.

Mint Arrow - Mew Mint's weapon.

Lettuce Castanets - Mew Lettuce's weapon

Puddingring - Mew Pudding's weapon.

Zakuro Whip - Mew Zakuro's weapon

Ice Blade - Mew Ice's weapon.


Masha - A robot made by Akasaka Keiichiro. Designed to help the mews collect parasites and enemy detector.


  • Kishu, Pai and Taruto will appear quite often but not as their enemy.
  • The mews still have the same powers, but upgraded a little bit.

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