Tokyo Mew Mew: Parfait
Tōkyō myūmyū: Pafe
General Information
Original RunTBA
Opening SongMew Mew Dream
Ending SongSweet Declaration
Series Info
SuccessorFlower🌺Power Mew Mew
Tokyo Mew Mew: Parfait (東京ミュウミュウ:パフェ?) is a series made by User:OmegaPri. The series is based off Tokyo Mew Mew, using the old Mew Mews and the new. It's taken place in Tokyo, Japan, and based off of life Tarte and her friends encounter with. The theme is Sweets, or Pastries.


It's been peaceful since the last battle of Mew Mews. No one needed to worry about anymore aliens. Ichigo and her friends have there own life now: being a baker or someone famous. Though, it feels weird. They needed a little action, and their wishes were granted...

Sweets are being poisoned, so it's time for a new set of Mews. Being the daughters of great warriors, Tarte and her friends will surely be able to shut up the dark. And save all sweet things! That's a grantee.


Mews/Main Characters

  • Aoyama Tarte (雅也タートル) is the fun, playful Mew. Tarte is a young middle schooler who loves to bake. By bake, mostly sweets. She's super childish! It's hard to put up wit her, sometimes. In the end, she always helps people, even if there enemies. Her D.N.A is fused with a Iriomote WildCat, an alien, and a Panon Rabbit. Tarte's alter ego is Mew Shortcake (ミュウ・ショートケーキ?), her abillites are Love-based.
  • Mizushima Gel (水島ゲル) is the hot-headed, "cool" Mew. Gel is a sporty preteen who loves to play soccer, baseball, skateboard, and etc. She's also very childish, but "better" to put up with. Her D.N.A is fused with an Arctic Wolf. Gel's alter ego is Mew Jelly (ミュウゼリー?), her abillities are Aqua themed.
  • Kiyoko Chika (聖子千佳) is the famous, confident Mew. Naiyou is known for acting on a tv show called "TBA". She goes to a different private school then the others. Nobody really knew Chika's feelings until she opens up to Tarte and Gel. Her D.N.A is fused with a Panthera Leo Spelaea. Chika's alter ego is Mew Pudding (ミュウプリン ?), her abillities are Light themed.
  • Sasaki Mint (佐々木ミント) is the quiet, sensetive Mew. Miho is basically a book worm. In secret, she draws anime girls. Instead of tea, she makes slushies. Her D.N.A is fused with a Baiji. Mint's alter ego is Mew Crush (ミュークラッシュ?), her abilities are Earth-based.
  • Ishikawa Asami (石川朝美) is the serious, rich Mew. Asami is known playing at ethnic places using her violin. People pay thousands just to hear her for one night. Before Asami met the other Mews, she was a loner. Her parents worked a lot so she didn't see them often. Nobody understood Asami (same with Chika) Her D.N.A was fused with a white Passerine. Asami's alter ego is Mew Mallow (ミューマロー?), her abilities are wind-based.
  • Matsuoka Suzume (松岡雀) is the "adult" of the group. Suzume is a famous singer. Secretly, she's apart of the aliens. Her music can hypnotize people into doing bad things. Suzume is anti-social, but when she sings, it feels like she's talking to her fans. Her D.N.A is fused with a Sparrow. Suzume's alter ego is Mew Sparrow (ミュウスパロウ?), her abillities are weather-darkness-based.

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