Tiffany Bell is one of the main villains in Mew Mew Power: Apprentice. She is the apparent co-leader of the Invasive Mew Mews and is infused with the DNA of the Crab-eating Macaque.

Biographical Information
Age 14


  • Tiff
  • Tinker Bell
Romantic Interests None
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5'3
Weight 113 lbs
  • Light blonde hair
  • Long straight hair in an angular cut
  • Fair skin
  • Blue eyes
  • Braces
Mew Form - Mew Tiffany
Animal DNA Crab-eating Macaque
Weapon Unnamed bow and arrow
Mew Powers
  • Summoning Predasites
Mew Mark
  • A reddish bite-like mark on her right upper arm
Other Information
  • Gymnastics
  • Tree-climbing
Pets None
Likes Stephanie, fruit, climbing, being active, crabs, doing hair, lazing about, children,
Dislikes Being made fun of, being alone, fleas, hot weather, being called Tinker Bell, bugs, having her hair pulled

Tiffany Bell

Tiffany Bell is the co-leader of the Invasive Mew Mews, along with her best friend, Stephanie Mitchell. She is one of the primany antagonists and is the first Invasive Mew to be introduced along with Stephanie. She willingly participated in the Mew Project because she was bullied and wanted to be able to defend herself, and the prospect of super powers was too good to pass up. Tiffany was injected with the corrupt DNA of the Crab-eating Macaque and succumbed to the invasive animal's instincts.


Tiffany is a loud, intense, energetic girl who is rarely ever seen without her best friend. She's hyper and cheerful, and often thinks of the attacks on the Mews as a fun game. She's a bit ditzy and can be slow on the uptake, but she can be rather clever at times. Tiffany is very active despite her enjoyment of lazing about in the tree tops, and she loves to play around. Despite her wild instincts, she's quite friendly and enjoys a good conversation with anyone who's willing to put up with her chattering. Tiffany loves children and would never willingly cause harm to anyone under the age of twelve.


Tiffany has fair skin and angular blue eyes with long eyelashes and thick dark eyebrows. Her nose is snub and her cheeks are chubby. Her light blonde hair is straight, slightly scruffy, and has a pointy, angular cut. She has a wide mouth that's often curled into a big grin, and she has braces on her teeth. She has an average build and figure for her age, and very pointy elbows. Tiffany likes to keep her fingernails short and her hair combed.




  • Tiffany enjoys doing Stephanie's hair. It reminds many of social grooming seen often in monkeys.


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