Thyme Bruinkogel is the main character of Neotype Mew Mew. She is a MPPF officer and has been working with them for roughly 5 years at the time the plot starts. She is partnered up with the Neotype P4 series S133, who she nicknames Parsley .



Thyme is from an average, lower-middle class family living in the city. Growing up during the hey days of the Mew Project, she aspired to become a MPPF officer when she grew up. She eventually achieved her goal, going into the training academy and at the age of 21 was able to join the force; however just two months after her initiation, the MPPF volunteering office was closed as the Mew Project moved onto creating the Neotype mews. This meant that Thyme is one of the last original mews to join the force, and she has much pride in this.


Thyme is a very spirited and driven individual. She has a strong sense of justice, and tries to always do whats right. However, she's also wuite set in her ways and doesn't accept changes or differences very easily and can be very stubborn. 

Though she is an experienced and capable cop, she is still very optimistic and has trouble emotionally detaching herself from a situation or conflict. Therefore she often makes decisions that she thinks are right on the shor term, but perhaps are not the best long term; which is something that gets her in  trouble with her bosses wuite a bit.


Thyme has blonde, curly hair in her civilian form, and teal eyes. Her face is mostly square. with a prominent jaw and is of an average build. She often wears quite casual clothes; usually jeans, hooodies and warm or waterproof jackets. 

In Mew form, she had brown hair and eyes, as well as marmoset ears. Her mew outfit is two different shades of brown.


During the begining of the story, Thyme is working as a cop in the city. She is assigned Parsley as her partner, and although at first she doesn't take kindly to being partnered up with an android, she soon finds merits in her new co-worker and they strike up an unlikely friendship.

Skills and Abilities

As with most mew mews, Thyme has better agility, strength and durability compared to a normal human. Though she is not as skilled or strong as her partner, Parsley, Thyme makes up for her physical weaknesses by being more agile and acrobatic than her co-worker.

Her Mew weapon are a pair of guns.


Neotype Mew Mew
Shiny_re's contest entry

Thyme Bruinkogel + Parsley

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