The Ajra  [Ah-rah] are a race of gelatinous beings that thrive off of other living things.


The Ajra are blue in appearance and have humanoid figures that stand erect.  They are a gelatinous species, making them very flexible, and they are faintly translucent. Each Ajra possesses an outer membrane that is thin but strong enough to hold their form in whatever shape they take. These membranes can take immense pressure, and yet the Ajran people can easily break them at will to change shape.  Ajra do not have any discernable gender, as they are all the same, although they appear and are referred to as “Female” by others. The Ajra do not wear clothing, as they’ve no need for it.


The Ajra live on a planet that does not have a name and that they know very little about. Other species have come to give it a name that translates out to “Molten Glacier”, as it is extremely hot and difficult for others to live on for longer than a few days. The core of their planet is very tiny but consists of a liquid substance so searing that it manages to keep the entire planet hot. It is also very unstable, often erupting and causing quakes.Their planet’s sky is a lavender color, and their land is covered in what looks like dirtied, almost black ice, although it is extremely hot to the touch due to the molten core of their planet. There are ‘dents’ on their planet that are molten hot, and it can even kill an Ajran person. Their land brings their kind discomfort and it is very dangerous for the Ajra to live on as they never know when they will discover an area that may kill them or if the core can destabilize and totally destroy them, but they continue to live there as it is one of the few planets that they can successfully reproduce on [See ABILITIES]. Because it is dangerous to live there, they are unable to study their planet at all and are forced to stay where they are in fear of dying. Much of their land is susceptible to earthquakes which expose and create more molten hot dents.  Their planet, along with the dents, has many hills and extremely high cliffs, which much of the Ajra live on as it is not as uncomfortable to live there as it is on the flatter surfaces of their planet.


The Ajran people have an Empress to rule over them. An Ajran has the opportunity to become the next Empress if she challenges the current one and defeats her in battle. An Empress may choose people to live with her in her palace, but they are not considered royalty. All Ajran are considered equal and beneath their current leader, and each time an Empress is defeated and a new one elected, there is a celebration congratulating their victory and rise to power. Although anyone can challenge the Empress, it is not a common event, as each Empress is stronger than the last and it is difficult to match her strength. The Ajran people are very dignified and think highly of themselves, and they are quite aggressive and hostile when they feel threatened or insulted. They thrive off of other living things, so they often have to travel to other planets to capture their own nourishment as they do not have anything to absorb on their own planet anymore. There used to be many weaker lifeforms on the planet the Ajran people reside in, but over time everything evolved into the same sort of lifeform. (It may be that the planet they currently live on was not even theirs to begin with. Because they find it difficult to live there, this suggestion seems even more apparent. However, nobody can quite explain where it was that the Ajran race spawned from or how they arrived on their planet, as it was so long ago that nobody can remember or find any history on it.) Ajran cannot absorb each other, but they can replicate asexually. The Ajran people only exist to consume others and expand their species, much like parasites. They are somewhat known around their galaxy as a universal parasite, only existing to expand their population, even If it means hurting other species.


The Ajra do not have day and night, so their sense of time is nonexistent. They do not measure age, either. And while the Ajra are able to live for long periods of time (if measured, over hundreds of Earth years), they can still be killed at any point in their existence. Enormous amounts of heat, friction or energy can kill them, and so too can being sliced or torn to pieces without a chance to regenerate.


The Ajran consume other lifeforms to increase their size, and once they are large enough, they replicate themselves (much like a cell splits). Oddly enough, there is a chemical in their planet’s air allowing them to split that is seldom present in other planets’ ecosystems, so it is difficult to replicate on planets outside of their own, if they can at all. The Ajran people also have the ability to transform into the things that they consume, with limitation. They cannot change their shape to something too much smaller than them. They can change their shape into something much larger than them, however, but only if they consume enough beings to make up for the needed matter. This ability allows them to sneak through various alien societies undetected, as they often do in order to capture their “food”. When Ajra change their shape, their thick outer membrane is broken and reformed once they have completed the change. When an Ajran person consumes another individual, their memories and knowledge are passed onto them. They can also regenerate themselves if they are injured, but it takes a while to do so depending on the damage. For some indiscernible reason, they don’t need the chemical required to replicate in order to do so.


These beings have no need for written languages as they communicate telepathically between one another. If they need to speak among other species, they must consume one of their kind and absorb that specimen’s knowledge.


Ajra are incapable of love, as they do not need to be close in order to populate. They mostly only ever feel contempt, anger, pride, fear or disdain. They do not understand many of the memories and experiences of the things they consume, nor do they sympathize with anyone for any reason. Though they do not feel love, they have a similar bond with others- a sort of physical and perhaps ‘spiritual’ connection. If an Ajran splits themselves and the first Ajran is killed, the Ajran that spawned from it will also die.


The Ajra steal all of their technology. They were never able to get off of their own planet when there was still life there to be consumed, but one day, another species visited their planet. They were thus consumed and had their ships stolen from them. The Ajra knew how to use the technology after consuming that species’ knowledge, and they’ve used it since to travel elsewhere for ‘food’. They’ve also stolen the technology of other species that they captured, such as various cloning and genetic technology, space travel, invisibility technology and  other types that they thought could be useful. Some Ajran people are invited to work for the Empress as analysts (sort of like scientists). The Ajra, while they have stolen their technology, always work to expand it, so these analysts are commissioned to do so, drawing from their stolen knowledge.


The Ajran people knew little to nothing about the planet they resided on, and it was much too dangerous for them to explore and study. Although their planet’s core had acted up before, there had never been many serious incidents. Unfortunately, at some point in time, their core erupted, spewing its contents through the cracks of their land and flooding through it. The surface of their planet had been thick and stable enough to absorb most of the heat when the core was dormant, but as soon as the eruption occurred and the core’s liquid contents came out, the Ajran people suffered greatly. The flaring temperature of their core’s contents flooding their planet caused every Ajran to become unstable. Every Ajran lifeform on that planet writhed in immense pain as their bodies decomposed, and there was nothing that they could do about it. Eventually, they were all dead, and the searing liquid engulfed their planet, along with their bodies, to create a new outer layer.

*Editor’s note':' I’m so sorry i keep killing my aliens omg i just like writing tragic stories (´ヘ`;)

Also, fun fact, Ajra is apparently a town in India and I didn't know that before I named this species whoops. Hopefully the pronunciation isn't similar./

Created by AnnikaDoll

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