Tea Shoppe Matsushitadenkō, also known as Tea Shoppe or Sweet Tea Mew Mew, is a fan fiction created by Mew Amelia. It takes place on an Island named Ocha de Yumeina (お茶で有名な 'famous for tea').

Main Characters

Shinjuku Manabimasu (新宿を学びます 'Manabimasu Shinjuku')

Shinjuku is a main character in Tea Shoppe. He is a young scientist who creates the Tea Mew Project after his father's death when he was young. Shinjuku is a good friend to the mews and helps them on missions. He also runs The Cu-Tea Shoppe.

Sakura Miryoku (桜の魅力 'Miryoku Sakura')

Sakura is a 16 year old girl who excels at school. She was chosen for the Tea Mew project because of her determined, kind, confident personality. She becomes Mew Cherry Blossom (ミュー桜 'Myu Sakura') and has the DNA of a Red Fox.

Momo Jasumin (桃ジャスミン 'Jasumin Momo')

Momo is a 12 year old ping-pong player and a show-off. She was chosen for her Bright, happy, upbeat personality. Momo becomes Mew Peach Jasmine (ミュー桃 'Myu Momo Jasumin'), and has the DNA of a Japanese Macaque.

Hisui Kankitsurui (ヒスイの柑橘類 'Kankitsurui Hisui')

Hisui is known for her Tea. Being the heiress of Sencha Kankitsurai and her exquisite Tea Company, Hisui was chosen because of her Focused and Delicate personality. She becomes Mew Jade Citrus (ミュー ヒスイの柑橘類 'Myu Hisui no Kankitsurai) and has the DNA of the Red Crowned Crane.

Papaiya Meron (パパイヤメロン 'Meron Papaiya')

Papaiya Meron is a girl on the go. She likes to run and won't stop until she wants. Papaiya was chosen for her hyper, caring, carefree personality. Her mew form is named Mew Papaya Melon (ミューパパイヤメロン 'Myu Papaya Melon') and her genes is the Iberian Lynx.

Burakku Mohito (ブラックモヒート 'Mohito Burakku')

The fifth and final mew, Burakku was chosen because of her shy, calm, and quiet personality. Her mew form is Mew Blackberry Mojito (ミューブラックベリーモヒート 'Myu Burakkuberi Mohito') and she has the genes of a Japanese Koi Fish.


Ginger Coconut (生姜ココナッツ 'Shōga kokonattsu')

Ginger is a villian who wants nothing more than to tear down the Mews. He has dirty tactics and an attitude to match.

Caramel Chai (キャラメルチャイ 'Kyarameruchai')

Caramel Chai (also known as Cara) is Ginger's sister and wishes only to have power. If she has to take over an entire planet and kill thousands of innocent people to get it, she'll do it.

Berry Kiwi (ベリーキウイ 'Berīkiui')

Kiwi is the youngest alien and quite the troublemaker. She sees taking Earth over as a game, which can cause distress for her teammates. Kiwi likes only to win and cries over losing.

Tea Blend (茶ブレンド 'Cha Burendo')

Tea Blend is the main villain of the series. Not much is known about him yet.


Chapter 1: Trouble is Brewing

Chapter 2: Nothing But Tea-ble

Chapter 3: Saving a Celebri-tea

Chapter 4: Put Your Pinky Up

Chapter 5: A Little To Matcha

Chapter 6: Brutali-tea

Chapter 7: The Empty Chai-ld

Chapter 8: Soolong Ago

Chapter 9: Pu-erh Tell

Chapter 10: The Final Showdown


  • Every chapter has a tea pun in it, except for Chapter 10.
  • TBA

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