Taylor Ivy
Japanese Name テイラー アイビー
Mew Name Mew Flower
Age 13
Animal Florida White Bunny
Transformation Mew Mew Harmony, Harmonize!
Weapon Wand of Nature
Petal Bow
Attack Flower Petal Turbolation!
Nature Call!
Zodiac Leo
Birthday 13th August
Height 167cm
Weight 63kg
Hair Color Dark Brown (Taylor)
Turquoise (Mew Flower)
Eye Color Dark Brown (Taylor)
Pink (Mew Flower)
Blood Type 50% of flower fluid
Likes Flowers, nature

Animals, parks,

Long walks, her BFFs
Dislikes Villains and bad guys
Relatives Velina Tensin (Mother)

Mily Utrinzun (Younger sister)
Angeuna Tensin (Younger sister)
Calisto Tensin (Stepfather)

Unknown father
Nicknames Tay, Flowey,
Flower Girl, Gardener,
Team Mew Mew Harmony
Position Member
Character Themes Ours - Taylor Swift

Taylor Ivy (テイラー アイビー Teirā Aibī) is a member of the Mew Mew Harmony. She's also member of their pop group named ღElemental∿Heartღ. Taylor lives with her parents and three little sisters. She's thirteen years old, very caring and kindly girl with big dreams and big love for nature.

Her alter ego is Mew Fleur (ミュー フルール Myuu Furūru).



Taylor is 167cm in height and 63kg in weight. She has dark brown eyes and dark, straight hair that reaches her shoulders. Taylor's not much into fashion, but she likes pastel colors, especially baby pink and turquoise.

Flower's Mark

Flower's Mark

Mew Flower

Mew Flower has wavy, turquoise hair with white bunny ears. She has pink choker with her gold flower as her transformation item. Flower wears short pink strapless dress with white bunny tail and has gloves with the same color. Her garter is on her left leg. She wears pink high heels that reaches her calf. Flower has turquoise lace lining the top of her dress and the top and bottom of her arm garters, leg garter, and her choker.

Mew Mark

Taylor's mew mark is located on Taylor's outer side of left ankle. It's pair of bunny ears and tail with decorations around it.


Taylor is shy, but loyal girl. She cares deeply about her friends and nature. But, Taylor can be very stubborn and not willing to listen to the other side of the story, making fast decisions. She doesn't like fights, but when it comes too far, Taylor can get really furious and person who you just can't talk to. Even so, she's really cute little baby that likes hugs with her BFFs and teammates! Taylor's that kind of person that always first look out after her friends, and then herself.


Taylor's DNA is fused with Florida White Bunny. With Bunny's abilities, Taylor is good runer and great jumper. She can hear everything much clearer then humans or rabits, since both are mixed together. Taylor can smell on great distance, making her nose great sweet-tracer. She can turn into Albino Bunny by pinching her Mew Mark. If she's angry, upset, suprised, scared or pleased, bunny ears and tail can pop out.


Taylor activates her Mew Flower necklace by giving it hers DNA with kiss, and then saying "Mew Mew Harmony, Harmonize!". It starts to make petals. The next scene show curved Flower into baby-like pose, with merging DNAs in the background. She corrects her body and wind of petals cover her hair, coloring her hair in turquoise. Her bunny ears and tail appear and her eyes change color into pink. Afterwards, petals cover her whole body to transform into Flower's Mew Mew outfit. At the end, her Mew Flower necklace becomes golden and attach to her choker. Her final pose is shy stand. Background is filled with baby pink and turquoise petals.

Weapons and Attacks

Mew Flower PNG

Mew Flower with her main weapon, Wand of Nature



Mew Flower's weapon is Wand of Nature. Wand is baby pink color with flower symbols around it. It has pink flower at the end of the wand, with flower-shaped symbol with turquoise circle-shaped sappire. Wand is medium sized. It can turn into turquoise bow and arrow with flower symbols. Weapon's called Petal Bow. 


Flower's first finisher attack is "Flower Petal Turbolation!". It has power to purify Dyorixes and change everything back to normal. Her second finisher attack is "Nature Call!". It's upgraded version of first finisher. When she's with the group, she can preform "Mew Cosmical Balance!".

Her sub-attacks are: Air Wind, Flower Punch, Flower Kick, Rose's Love, Blossom Kiss, Sunflower Crush.

Her defense spells are: Daisy Defense, Snowdrop Shield, Violet Remedy, Geraniums Rise.


Magdalena Sparkle

Taylor and Magdalena are really good friends. Taylor always asks Magdalena for advices for every situation and both are big lovers of flower fashion. Magdalena likes to see Taylor's wild nature, like she does when Taylor determine something so badly, she'll do anything, even go totally wild and weird. Magdalena, along with Neyla, always pushes Taylor outside her shadow, as Taylor is very calm and serene, whish almost makes her very unsocial. Magdalena likes to call Taylor, other than Tay, 'Flowey' as a reference to Undertale's reference, because, as Magdalena thinks, Taylor is similiar to Flowey, but in a good way.

Neyla Peles

Taylor and Neyla have known each other for long time, longer then Magdalena. Taylor was always the shy one and that irritated Neyla who wasn't shy person at all, so she was kind of "leader" in their friendship. But when they met Magdalena, they totally changed that bad thinking of each other. Taylor usually helps Neyla to find perfect fashion designs and matches her outfit, while Neyla helps Taylor around her garden and animals.

Velina Tensin

Taylor and her mother are in good relationship, Taylor is always helping her mother around with housework and she enjoyes to spend time with her mother. Taylor's father left when she was five and called her only twice from then to now, so she doesn't worry about him that much, she only wants him to be safe, which really makes her mother proud.

Mily Utrinzun

Taylor's younger sister and second older. They're getting well with each other, Taylor just hates sometimes when Mily walks on her precious plants, which can make pretty bad fight, but they're still always there for each other just like real sisters. Mily's dad also left because of unknown reasons, but she doesn't care about him at all.

Angeuna Tensin

Taylor and Mily's youngest sister and Velina's youngest child. She's still a baby that's only one year old. Even though, she's carefree and troublemaker, but, how Tay says, she's cuttest of them all! Taylor likes to play with Ange, as how she's called, and Mily likes too. It seems that Ange also likes flowers and gardening. Her father is Calisto Tensin.

Calisto Tensin

He's Ange's father, Velina's husband and Taylor and Mily's stepfather. He's fun-loving man who likes to joke around. He's often not home because of its job, but he tries his best to find time to spend with his family.

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