"Watch it, lady!"


Momo Jasumin looked behind her. "S-sorry! Late for something!" She sped through the city, tripping over apples and whacking into people. Yeesh, she could use some gymnastics!

Her long peach-pink hair flapped behind her. Momo planned to cut it ASAP. Long hair is NOT what this girl needs.

A large building sat a few feet down. Momo lept into the air, did a small somersault, and...landed face-first into the wall. She groaned as she peeled her face from the brick. "Ugh...there goes my permission to run..." She quickly donned small sunglasses and stepped inside. Running through the halls, Momo finally landed beside a door labeled 'Dressing Room: Reserved for D.P.'. She grabbed a set of keys, unlocked the door, and walked inside.

A small table with makeup and a mask stood by. Poles and clothes sat around the room. "Geez, could it kill them to clean up a LITTLE bit before I come?" She muttered. Momo set off to work, slathering on concealer and strapping stilts to her legs. Finally, she looked in the mirror. She looked just like a real woman. "'s go time." She gripped her paddle, and stepped outside and into the light.

"Welcoming, Juyode Wa-Arimasen, vs. Dasha Padoru!"

Yes...her big secret. She was actually one of the best ping-pong champions in the world.

Juyode shook hands with her, and they each stood in a stance. The announcer quieted down the audience. "3...2...1." Juyode tossed a ball and hit it with all his might! Momo dodged and slapped it back. It went on for hours. Until finally, She hit it fast and hard enough that Juyode missed. The ball clattered to the floor. Silence.

The audience cheered.

Momo couldn't believe it! She just beat one of Japan's best players! She whooped and shouted. But her stilt whacked into the table leg, and she fell. The clothes that she had put on fell off, exposing her stilts, pillows, and styrofoam. The audience gasped. The announcer cleared his throght. "Well well...looks like our best player is just a little girl! Give her a hand!"


And then laughing.

The people, thousands of people who were once her best supporters, were mocking her. Momo cried and ran off, just as security came and grabbed her arms. A woman stood by the door. "Momo! I was so worried! You shouldn't run off like that! Oh, thank you, kind sirs!" Security smiled and bowed. The woman hugged Momo. "Now let's get. You. Home."


" do know that you frightened me...right?"

Momo sat in her room, and nodded. "はい, mommy." Her mother smiled. "Now, here's a cute tutu for the ballet ceremony. I think you'll be PERFECT as the Prima Donna." She laid it on Momo's bed and exited the room. Momo sighed. "Why can't she see...that I don't wanna dance?" She whispered.


Sakura was battling another Monster, this time a dog. It roared and shot sprays of hot water. Sakura quickly dodged it and summoned her weapon.

"Ribbon...Cherry Blossom SPEAR!"

The whip blasted a large column of petals, which were as sharp as swords.

~*working on it, sorry*~

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