SyNcD Mew Mew is a Tokyo Mew Mew fanseries made by Momoko Miya. 

It will be made it a fanfiction. Other plans for it will made in the future.


In 2015, the rate of animal extinction has gone up from where it was in 2013. It was inevitable, even with human protection. The Mew Aqua that was used to save the world in 2007 (a topic that is left out in history) has gone to almost 10%. That 10% will run out in about 3 months. The original Mews have lives now, and they’re not as compatible as they were before, so Dr. Izzo knew it was time for a change. And because of that, she creates a chemical called SyNc to turn certain users into Mews. Through a lottery of sorts, 5 girls were chosen to be Mews. However, Izzo finds out 2 of the girls in that group are spies from another planet. She’s not able to tell how. So, with her deranged mind, she decides that whoever kills the spies first wins three wishes from the remaining Mew Aqua.

How does the Mew Aqua appear? The Chimera appeared yet again, and no one was able to defeat it. Dr. Izzo, experimenting SyNc, was able to destroy it and realized that a gem came out of it. When thoroughly analyzed, Dr. Izzo finds that gem is solid Mew Aqua. Izzo hasn’t been able to come up with a good theory for the reason why.

Why have the Chimera appeared? The two spies must have been able to summon them. However, said monsters must be immune to the small Mew Aqua that is left.

And so, it is up to the 5 new Mews to find out, even if it kills them. Because there’s no guarantee that SyNc won’t place a dangerous burden on them.


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