The Sugarina (シュガリナ Shugarina?) is the name of the primary weapon, which Mew Sugar uses in order to defeat the Chimera Anima who attack the town she lives in. The Sugarina was created by Akamine Akio. The Sugarina made its debut when Toudo Satomi transformed into Mew Sugar for the first time.

The Sugarina controls the power of wind and sugary sweets. Mew Sugar uses the Sugarina to play different tunes, which each affect her, the environment and the enemy she is fighting against in a different way. If Mew Sugar plays the tunes in a specific order, she can perform her only attack Sugar HurriCane, which can purify a Chimera Anima. However, if Mew Sugar plays the tunes in a wrong order, she may summon a gigantic amount of sugar, which, however, will have the same effect like the actual attack.


The Sugarina basically looks like a white ocarina with a black bow tied around the upper part. A pink heart is attached to the middle of the ribbon. The pink heart is surrounded by a golden brooch with wings at the side. The bottom and and the top of the instrument show curly, golden linings that each form a heart at their ends. The ocarina also shows a slightly blue gradient when held against the light.

Name Changes

  • English Manga (Ver. 1): Sugar Ocarina
  • English Manga (Ver. 2): Sugar Ocarina, Candy Ocarina
  • English Dub: Sugar Ocarina
  • Mandarin Dub: Candy Flute
  • French Dub: Sugar Ocarina
  • Korean Dub: Candy Ocarina


  • Even though the Sugarina is obviously an ocarina, the Chinese dub named the weapon "Candy Flute".
    • Due to this, the Sugarina is the second flute based weapon, used by a Mew Mew.
  • The Sugarina was inspired by the Ocarina of Time from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


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