Sugar Mew Mew

Sugar Mew Mew is a Mew Project that happened about 5 years after the events of Tokyo Mew Mew (or Mew Mew Power) storyline. When the Chimera Animals created by the aliens take a mind of their own and make monsters of their own using humans as their host(making them some sort of Mew Mew), the Mew Mews must take charge once again! There's only one problem: the Chimera Animals have became too strong, and the Animal DNA of the original Mews can't take it, so they power down! This means the Power Pendants of the Mew Mews don't work, and that in turn, the Mew Mews can't transform! Time is ticking by the minute, so to prevent the Mew Mews from any further harm, and to protect everyone from further harm, new Mew Mews must be created!

The Sugar Mew Project isn't much different from the normal project, all the asscociation has to do is find 6 Mews instead of 5, put them in contact with a endangered species, have them become Mews, and train them to fight the Chimera-infected humans, now being called Monster Mews! Sugar Mew Mew was created by Pokemongirl5678.

Monster Mews

Monster Mews are humans that have been in contact with an animal in some kind that has attacked them in some way (such as bitten, clawed, etc.) and then a Chimera attaches itself to the mark it made. This makes what is called a monster mark. The infected humans become corrupted and thus lose control of themselves and transform into Monster Mews. Monster Mews are just like normal Chimera Animals except they have a mind; they want to take over the universe by turning humans into a Monster Mews, to gain enough power to defeat all Mew Mews and thus make our planet vulnerable: and then they can seemingly take over it!



Mitsu is the happy-go-lucky ten year old Sugar Mew Mew. She loves to bake and do anything exciting! However, if you do anything to attack her she'll become quite agressive and hot-tempered. For some reason the Monster Mews take an interest in her, often asking if she wants to join them, which she refuses, obviously. She has the animal DNA of the Sun Bear and her Mew transformation is Sugar Mew Honey.

Monster Mews

Koutenki Kaku Kaku is the older, sophisticated 15 year old sister to Mitsu and is a Monster Mew. She likes dancing and being popular. When she transforms (without any will of course) her personality will swap to be an insane-ish, evil kind. For some reason while in this form, if Mitsu tries to reason with her, she takes interest in hee and tries to convice her to join them. (Still refuses, but Kaku's STILL trying) She has the chimera infected DNA of the Bornean Bay Cat, and her Monster Mew transformation is Monster Mew Virus.

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