Sugar HurriCane (シュガーハリケーン Shugā Harikēn?) is Mew Sugar's primary attack. Sugar HurriCane, or Ribbon! Sugar HurriCane! is the attack Mew Sugar can perform with her Sugarina. In order to perform the attack, Mew Sugar has to play the tunes in a specific order. If she does this properly, the attack will purify the Chimera Anime. However, if Mew Sugar plays the tunes in a wrong order, she may summon a gigantic amount of sugar, which, however, will have the same effect like the actual attack.

Name Changes

  • Japanese Original: Ribbon! Sugar HurriCane!
  • English Dub: Sing out loud! Sugary Gale!
  • Mandarin Dub: Ribbon! Mei-lian Cane!
  • French Dub: Tune of Sweet! Sugary Gale!
  • Korean Dub: Rage! Storm of Candy!


  • The name of the attack is a pun to sugar cane, which might be a bigger pun to candy cane.


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