Stephanie Mitchell is one of the main villains in Mew Mew Power: Apprentice. She is the apparent co-leader of the Invasive Mew Mews and is infused with the DNA of the Common Myna.

Biographical Information
Age 14


  • Steph
  • Stephie
Romantic Interests None
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5'4
Weight 117 lbs
  • Sunset orange hair
  • Long, straight, slightly shaggy hair, short bangs on one side
  • Reddish brown eyes
  • Medium-pale skin tone
Mew Form - Mew Stephanie
Animal DNA Common Myna
Weapon Bramble-Thorn Staff
Mew Powers
  • Kudzu Strangle
  • Choking Kudzu Surround
  • Summoning Predasites
Mew Mark
  • Reddish bird-like scratches on her upper left arm
Other Information
  • Singing
  • Finding things
Pets None
Likes Tiffany, jewellry, heights, sleeping, fruit, winning, being a Mew, doing hair, Kudzu
Dislikes Being pushed around, losing, enclosed spaces, rain, competitor species, cheese

Stephanie Mitchell

Stephanie Mitchell is the co-leader of the Invasive Mew Mews, along with her best friend, Tiffany Bell. She is one of the primany antagonists and is the first Invasive Mew to be introduced along with Tiffany. She was willingly injected with the DNA of the Common Myna because she was bullied and wanted to be able to defend herself, and the prospect of super powers was too good to pass up. However, the DNA she was injected with was corrupted because it was from an invasive species, and she, like the rest of the Invasive Mews, was overpowered by the instincts.








  • Stephanie has an odd attraction to shiny things, much like a bird. She collects them and displays them about her living quarters.
  • She likes to do Tiffany's hair, like social preening seen in many bird species.


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