It was the year 2127.

Earth was a beautiful place. At least, until the Change came.

The Change were destructive. It tore part cities, crushed mountains, and polluted the air. Soon, Humans had no choice but to leave Earth, in giant airships dubbed The Habitats. 

They weren't the greatest living spaces, but the humans designed them well. Comfy beds, food, and even a place to relax as if you were on Earth. The only bad thing? It wasn't Earth. And the thought made The Habitats grow sour.

But soon, a young man with brown hair and a smirk began designing a machine. That could help humans. It could make them into Biological Superweapons. It only used Animal DNA and a little imagination.

But the Captain, Argo Junkoku, forbid it. The last of humanity lived on these ships. If this creation was destructive, it could spread and wipe them out for sure. Argo told Sumoto he could't use it unless he had a good reason.

Thankfully, the reason came quick.

A planet called Somnus. Habitable. Filled with monsters.

The perfect chance.


Arashi looked out the window into space.

The planet Somnus loomed before them, and in the distance, Janus shone like a star (fitting because it was). Arashi wished she could see Earth once again, be at home, without earthquakes destroying her yard or lava pooling into her bedroom. But that was wishful thinking. She would never be able to go back.

At least someone was trying to make an effort. Arashi had heard of the Space Mew Project, where young girls had volunteered to become super humans for the benefit of the Habitats. Who would be crazy enough to try that? Not Arashi, that's for sure.

But still...she longed.

And it's not like she COULD, anyway. During the Fleeing, she had injured herself-badly. She healed, but the experience traumatized her. Now she was bedridden. Forever to stare out the window and hope this was all a nightmare.

It was not, though. And that made Arashi grow bitter.

Her parents worked on the ship. Ever since the strange disappearance of Tsuki Hino, her father had taken up the stat of co-captain. Her mother worked in the Hospitol on the east wing of the ship. They rarely came home. And Arashi hated it.

Because of their constant absence, an old woman named Marie Ruhig watched over her. But she had her vocal cords damaged during the Fleeing, so she could't say much expect grunt and laugh. But today, Marie had come down with a cold, so Arashi was all alone. She didn't mind. Much, anyway.

The remote sat beside her bed, so she picked it up and turned on the TV.

There were only old episodes of 'Boy Meets World' and 'Little House on The Prairie' on, so Arashi flipped to the music channel. This was her favorite.

An old single, 'Baby Don't Lie' by Gwen Stefani, was on.

But there's something behind those eye, those eyes

That you can't disguise, disguise

Baby don't, baby don't

Baby don't lie

I don't wanna cry no longer

Arashi hummed along. Soon, she was singing.

"I'mma need a love that's stronger, I tell you know, I tell you know, I tell you know why, No lie. If you ever give up, then we're gonna die, look me in the eye, baby don't lie. Ahh, ahhh, ah ah uh huhhhh. Baby don't lie..."

Singing always made her feel alive.


The Incet Grounds were in complete chaos.

People ran screaming, children crying, the elderly sitting down and accepting their fate.


"Moonlite! Hit it from the back!" Suisui cried.

"You got it, Comet! Ribbon-"

Taiyo attacked first. "Ribbon Flame Blast! How did it get on the ship!?"

Let's just say it snuck in. And by it, I mean Chimer Anima.

A large lizard like thing roared and swiped it's long claws. It's mouth dripped with blood. Suisui hissed. "YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! RIBBON BURSTING CHEER!!!"

Not even close, Suisui. Not even close.

She growled. "TAKE COVER GUYS!"

Her body began to glow. The room got hotter and hotter. Finally, a small explosion sounded.

The lizard was down. And so was Suisui.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Suisui groggily opened her eyes. She was inside a small hospital room. Wires were stuck to her arms and a bag of ice lay on her forehead.

What happened? she thought.

Sumato and the others were outside the room, talking quietly. He was showing them pictures and scans of a human body. She strained her ears and could barely make out his words:

"-And the injection seems to have a side effect that gives her the qualities of a supernova. I believe that she accidenlty went to far. I need you two to make sure she never does that again."

Taiyo and Tsuki nodded, and said something that Suisui couldn't make out.

She began pulling wires from her body as they entered the room.

"Don't, Suisui..."

"I just want to know what happened and WHY."

The rest is currently being worked on.

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