It was the year 2127.

Earth was a beautiful place. At least, until the Change came.

The Change were destructive. It tore part cities, crushed mountains, and polluted the air. Soon, Humans had no choice but to leave Earth, in giant airships dubbed The Habitats. 

They weren't the greatest living spaces, but the humans designed them well. Comfy beds, food, and even a place to relax as if you were on Earth. The only bad thing? It wasn't Earth. And the thought made The Habitats grow sour.

But soon, a young man with brown hair and a smirk began designing a machine. That could help humans. It could make them into Biological Superweapons. It only used Animal DNA and a little imagination.

But the Captain, Argo Junkoku, forbid it. The last of humanity lived on these ships. If this creation was destructive, it could spread and wipe them out for sure. Argo told Sumoto he could't use it unless he had a good reason.

Thankfully, the reason came quick.

A planet called Somnus. Habitable. Filled with monsters.

The perfect chance.


2138. Tuesday, 2:17 PM.

Bunker #267, home to the Hinos.

"Taiyo, are you hungry?" a voice said.

A young girl of about 10 sat on her bed, watching TV. She shook her head. Another girl-her older sister-walked out of the kitchen. "Taiyo, why are you always glued to the TV?" She asked. Taiyo groaned. "There's nothing else to do, Tsuki!" she whined. Tsuki sat next to her. "How about we go to the playground today, huh?"

The Incent Grounds. 2:24 PM.

Tsuki sat under a makeshift tree, reading a book. Taiyo sat nearby, playing with some old toys. Some young girls asked her if she wanted to play tag, but Taiyo waved them off. Finally, after the 5th time of saying 'No' to other girls, Tsuki slapped her book shut and dragged her pouting sister over to the Playground. "Taiyo, I SWEAR! You have got to learn to be social! I won't be around for you all the time." It's true. Tsuki had recently gotten a job as co-captain, and would be gone for hours before she showed up back home again. Taiyo needed to be friendly.

She dropped Taiyo off beside a girl of about 12. "Now, you go say hi and play with this nice girl. I'm going to go read my book, and I do NOT want to be disturbed." She stormed off. If my sister was a cloud, Taiyo thought. she would be a thundercloud. The other girl smiled and waved. "Hi! I'm Sara Lunati. Wanna play some jacks?" She asked. Grudgingly, Taiyo complied.

After a few hours of losing, Sara smiled. "It's ok, you'll win, eventually! Nobody can be as good as ME, though!" Something snapped inside Taiyo. She didn't know what. All she knew is that her fist somehow found Sara's chin. Soon, adults were crowding them. Sara cried. "You, you, PUNCHED ME! She punched me! Meanie!" Officers came strolling over. "What's going on here?" Without thinking, Taiyo sped off. She ran in between people, over benches, and eventually found a door labeled 'Lab: Do NOT Enter if Unauthorized.'. Of course, she went right in!

It was a maze of technology and halls. She ran for hours, but never stopped, hearing the officers behind her. A large brown door awaited her at the hall's end, and she went through it.

But nothing could prepare her for what happened next...


3 days ago...

A voice called from Suisui's communicator. "Mew Comet, you gotta remember. We don't know much about this place. We've only sent one team of people. Even then, only one came back, and he was too scared to tell us anything." Suisui nodded. "M'kay." She wandered through the dense jungle that surrounded Somnus. A grolw came from the bushes. Her first monster. She summoned her weapon, The Particle Bell, and stood her ground, ready to attack.

Right on cue, a snake monster entered the area she stood in. It hissed in approval and opened it's jaws wide, ready to snack.

But Suisui was quicker. She summoned a shield, and deflected the monster. She raised it high above her head:

"Ribbon, Bursting Cheer!"

Boom. Crackle. Sparkle.

Snaky boy was dead.

Suisui trekked through the jungle. She could see why this would take a long time. Somnus was 3 times the size of Earth, and much weirder. Then, she came across her first discovery.


A ruined city, filled with stone, moss, and rocks. Houses sat everywhere, along with shops, restraints, and a large capitol building. A large Chimer Anima, this one a dog, sniffed around. Looking for prey. Well, Suisui knew for sure: she was about to become this guy's lunch.

Not on my watch, she thought.

Leaping into the air, she did her attack. "RIBBON, BURSTING CHEER!"

Sparkle, spalt, bam.


"This will be easier than I thought." Suisui said. She quickly made her way back to the ship and flew back to The Habitats.

Sumato immediately began mothering her. "Are you alright? Hurt? Hungry? Scared?" Suisui waved him off. "Sumato, I'm FIIINE. Takes more than a few monsters to scare the hell out of me."

"Goodness me, ok!"


A young man with brown hair, and a girl with gray, stood in the middle of the room. They stared. Taiyo stared, too. "U-uh..." She stammered. The man walked over to her. "Young lady, why are you here?" he asked. Finally, Taiyo broke down.


The grey-haired girl grabbed Taiyo. "Woah woah woah! Slow down, missy. Now, can you tell me in a calmer voice?" Taiyo wasn't listening; she was too busy staring at the girl's tail and ears. "I...I...Uh..."


The officers ran into the room. But when they saw the girl, the man, and Tiayo, they lowered their batons. "Oh! Dr. Tanken, Mew Comet! We didn't expect to see you here-" Mew Comet let go of Taiyo and chatted with the officers. After a while, they dipped there hairs in thanks and left. "What was that about?" asked Taiyo. Mew Comet smiled. "I just got rid of them for ya. Say...can we ask you something?"


Mew Comet leaned down to Taiyo's height. "Would you like to be a superhero?"



Taiyo had been talking with Mew Comet (who's real name was Suisui, apparently), and was asked to join her little band of heroes. " you wanna join?" Sumato paced nervously. "Suisui, think about this! She's a little girl, and, and, she could get hurt, and, and, they'd hold me responsible, and, and, then we would-" He began rambling about all the possibilities that could go wrong with Taiyo joining the team.

Suisui rolled her eyes. "He does that a lot, just ignore him."

Taiyo giggled. "He's funny."

Suisui nodded. "Yes, he is, but what he's saying makes sense. You could get hurt if you go through with this. Not to mention your sister. We'll have to ask her." Taiyo scowled. "No need. She'd say no anyway..."

"Never to late to try, Taiyo."


They walked down to the Incent Park, where people were milling about, doing their business (*blushes* N-no, not like THAT! Artificial bushes, geez!), until Mew Comet made her appearance. Word had gotten around the ship about Sumato's idea, and people bowed in respect. Suisui bowed back. Finally, a teenager with long blue hair pushed through the crowd. "TAIYO! TAIYO! Oh my god, TAIYO!"

She hugged her sister. "Don't do that again." Then she saw Mew Comet. "Oh! Comet-sama. Hello! Sorry about my sister! Was she a pain?!"

Suisui shook her head. "No, she was cool, actually. I just wanna ask you something. Can your sister...join our group?" Tsuki looked puzzled. Then it came to her. "Oh...OH. Uh..." She looked at Mew Comet. Her bright eyes, smile...could she be hiding true fear behind it? not to mention the tail. She'd never say it out loud, but YEESH, it freaked her out a bit.

"I-I don't know...She's only 10...She could..."

Suisui nodded. "It's ok, we understand. But your sister would be in good hands, I promise. Anyways, see you round, Taiyo!" She sauntered off with Sumato.


Tsuki ran over to her.

"Ok, she can do it. But not without me."


The two girls were strapped down to the tables. The syringe stood in front of Tsuki.

"Ok, Tsuki." Said Sumato from outside the glass window. "I'll do you first, then Taiyo."

The syringe plunged into Tsuki's navel, and she sighed with relief. The machine whirred and made it's way over to Taiyo. "It won't hurt, right?" She asked. Suisui gave her a thumbsup. "It feels awesome. It barely pricks you. You can do it, Taiyo!" The syringe began to move towards her. Taiyo swallowed and relaxed. She felt a prick on her forehead, and fell asleep.


"Taiyo! You're awake!"

Taiyo rubbed her eyes. There were fingerless-gloves on her hands, and she was wearing an orange jumpsuit. Monkey ears and a tail protruded from her head and butt, respectively. She gazed in wonder at her new body. Sumato smiled. Suisui said, "You were only out for a 2 this time. That's better." Taiyo gasped. "I was asleep for a WEEK?!" Sumato frowned. "Ah,'s a side effect I haven't been able to fix yet. You sister did only 1 and a half."



Suisui put her hands between them. "It's ok, Taiyo! I felt the same way! it's not his fault. Now, let's test out your powers."

Tsuki looked different too. She had a blue bikini outfit, complete with an arctic foxes' tail and ears. Her boots were a deep pink. "I look like a punk-star. Bleh. At least I can move easily."

They led Taiyo and Tsuki into a large room filled with...things. Suisui instructed them to call out their weapons. Taiyo, eager, went first. She held her fist out and called:

"Flaming Tambourine!"

A red tambourine appeared in front of her. She grabbed it. "Ribbon, Blazing Flare!" A large column of fire spurt from the weapon. The others quickly dodged it. Tsuki went next.

"Dreamer Whip!"

Another weapon, this time a whip, popped into existence. It's edges were white, and the ribbons coming from it's end were a pale blue.

"Ribbon, Lunar Storm!"

Rain and ice hailed down wherever she swung it.

Sumato clapped politely. "You guys did well! Now, about your names..." Taiyo looked at him, puzzled. "My NAME? You know it, It's Taiy-OH......" Tsuki raised an eyebrow. "Like...SUPERHERO names? Better not be cheesy." Suisui giggled. "No, it won't be. You can decide."

Immediately, Taiyo chose her name: Mew Sunspot. "it sounds sunny, like me!" She stated.

Tsuki chose hers next. "How about...Mew Moonlite? Sounds futuristic."

Now that the girls were official Mews, it was time to introduce them to Somnus.

They all piled into the cramped spaceship. Taiyo groaned. "It's so tiny!" Suisui shrugged (as much as you can in a tiny ship). "It's meant to hold 1 person. But if we each use a different one, we could get lost or worse-seperated." Taiyo shook her head. "I don't want that." Tsuki hugged her sister. "Neither do I. So let's stick with this until we find a better solution."

Boop. Beep.


The aircraft shot at the planet with rocketing speed. Taiyo shrieked with joy. "WHY IS IT GOING SO FAST?!"



The spacecraft landed on Somnus, in the middle of a hot desert. The sun-nicknamed Janus-beat overhead. After a few moments, the girls were sweating like crazy. Tsuki's pale skin was already turning a shade of orange. Suisui almost lay down in the sand for a nap, but then remembered her mission. "Let's do this fast, guys," she panted. "So we can get home quicker." The others agreed.

Not long after, a monster that resembled a scorpion burrowed it's way over to them. The girls immediately summoned their weapons.

"Particle Bell!" Suisui called. "Ribbon Bursting Cheer!"

Bam! Crash! Sparkle.


"Looks like this guy's harder than we thought!" Called Taiyo. "Flaming Tambourine!" She began circling the Anima with blinding speed. "Ribbon Blazing Flare!"



Finally, Tsuki got angry. "You little creep! Dreamer Whip!" She began to twirl. "Take cover! Ribbon, Lunar Storm!"

Wham, crack, crash!


Mew Comet smiled. "You got it! Keep attacking, girls!"

"Ribbon Blazing Fire!"

"Ribbon Lunar Storm!"

"Ribbon Bursting Cheer!"


The scorpion was down.

The girls cheered and shouted with joy as they searched the desert.

After a long time, Mew Comet's communicator buzzed.

"Girls, you've been there for a long time! You should come back."

Taiyo sighed with relief. "Yay! We'll be there, Sumo!"

"Don't...don't call me that."

"Ok, ok, sorry. Spoilsport.

The girls made their way back to the ship and blasted off in direction of home.

Life was good.

But there is more to come.



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