It was the year 2127.

Earth was a beautiful place. At least, until the Change came.

The Change were destructive. It tore part cities, crushed mountains, and polluted the air. Soon, Humans had no choice but to leave Earth, in giant airships dubbed The Habitats.

They weren't the greatest living spaces, but the humans designed them well. Comfy beds, food, and even a place to relax as if you were on Earth. The only bad thing? It wasn't Earth. And the thought made The Habitats grow sour.

But soon, a young man with brown hair and a smirk began designing a machine. That could help humans. It could make them into Biological Superweapons. It only used Animal DNA and a little imagination.

But the Captain, Argo Junkoku, forbid it. The last of humanity lived on these ships. If this creation was destructive, it could spread and wipe them out for sure. Argo told Sumoto he could't use it unless he had a good reason.

Thankfully, the reason came quick.

A planet called Somnus. Habitable. Filled with monsters.

The perfect chance.


11 Years Later...

Suisui was miserable. Her LIFE was miserable.

She sat in her Bunker, alone. Her parents were at work, and her older brother...

Well, let's just say she didn't want to talk about it.

Suisui got up and began to pace. Ever since she was 8, she had developed this habit when she was bored or worried. The television didn't have much on, just a few old programs of her favorite show, K.C. Undercover. It's been YEARS since anybody had filmed new movies or shows, so the Electronic Manager just plays reruns of old shows.

Suddenly, Suisui lifted up into the air, along with the furniture. then she (and the appliances) fell back to the ground in a heap. "Damn it..." She muttered. The gravity pull on her ship was failing, and they didn't have the materials to fix it yet, so they occasionally rose up a few feet and slammed back down again. Because of this, her ship's scientists developed magnet shoes for the people who spent a lot of time in a large, high space.

Suisui got up and began to fix the living room. Or, more like bedroom. All Bunks had a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Nothing else. They were designed this way so they could fit a lot in one place. She positioned the beds and TV back to where they were. She pressed the TV power button. Nothing.

Suisui kicked it a few times, and it blinked on, just as Judy Cooper shrieks "But I wanna have the 'Human Experience'!".


It was midday, and the Shopping Square was in full swing.

People milled about, paying in large amounts of cash for food, more cash, anything. Even a little girl handed her whole allowance to pay for a blanket. Suisui wandered around, and found her favorite stand: The Book Stand. A man named Journey Pferdeschwanz ran it. He smiled kindly when Suisui took out 10 dollars for her buy.

"Morgen, Suisui. Book 5 of Nancy Drew was just shipped in today, and I saved it just for you!" he said cheerfully. Suisui smiled. "Cool. How much?" He laughed. "On the house, just for you, Suisui." The young girl gratefully took the book, and left a 5-dollar bill anyway. She returned home and had just opened the book when someone knocked on the door.

Suisui peeked through the eye-hole. Hey, you could never be too careful. A guy with an eyepatch stared back at her. Suisui quickly ran to the bathroom and locked the door.

Around the ship, there was rumors of an teenager who faked an injury to get families and pity. Once they let him in, he killed them and took their belongings. That just goes to show what people on The Habitats would do to get things. The door banged. "Hello? I just need some help, ok? Can you direct me to the doctors office?" a muffled voice came from the outside. Suisui stayed in her closet.

Soon, a shuffling noise came, and there was silence.

Suisui exited the closet and looked through the eye-hole. There was none there. But just to be sure, she grabbed a pan and opened the door. A loud BAM!

She looked at her bleeding arm, and blacked out.


"Suisui? It's ok, you can wake up now."

Suisui opened her eyes slowly, and was blinded by a bright light.

As soon as she came into focus, the world around looked different. Machines making beeps were strewn around the room. Tables and cots sat in corners of the room. And a large monitor was hooked up to her arm and chest. Suisui blinked. " I in Heaven?" she asked. A tall man with brown hair shook his head. "No. I just barely saved you. Thankfully the authorities just locked up the guy."

She frowned. "The guy who..."

"Who shot you. In the arm."

"Oh, ok. Whoop-di-doo."

Suisui sat up. Her flexed her left arm, which felt great. But her right arm refused to move. "What's with my arm? I feels...numb."

The man bowed. "I'm Dr. Sumato Tanken. You were shot in the arm at 12:30 PM this morning. I was able to mend you, but...your arm is paralyzed." It felt like 1000 tons of rock had fallen on Suisui. She peeked a look at her arm, which was a pale white. She took a deep breath.

Sumato smiled. "Although there IS a way to fix it, but it's costly."

Immediately Suisui pressed him. "What is it? Please, I'll do anything, ANYTHING!" The heart monitor made faster beeping noises. Sumato held up hs hands. "Ok. I'll give you 2 choices. You can let me fix your arm, at the cost of being a subject for my project I have been working on. Or, you can forget about it, and go on as a normal girl. Which ever one is fine."

Suisui raised an eyebrow. "What project?"

Sumato sat down and explained the whole shebang to her. There was recently discoveries of a planet dubbed Somnus, after the roman god of sleep. It was habitable, with fresh oxygen and beautiful plant life, but the only problem was the creatures who inhabited it. Called Chimer Anima, they were large monsters that attacked anything-or anyone-who moved.

Sumato had been working on a project, The Space Mew Project, and saw the perfect opportunity to test it out. All it would do is give you powers, thanks to animal DNA, at the cost of never being looking normal again.

"You would just had a different hair color, maybe eyes, and-of course-animal parts and tail." He stated. "And it doesn't hurt."

Suisui took in this new information. It was a pretty hard choice! Have both her arms, and be a freak? Or be normal, but never use her arm again? She placed her good hand in her lap. "Um...I...don't know." Sumato nodded. "I'll give you some time to think about it. It's a very hard choice. But remember-it's perfectly ok with me if you wish not to do it." He turned to leave.

Suddenly, Suisui had the answer.

"Yes! I'll do it!"

Sumato was speechless with joy.


"Ready, Suisui?"


She was strapped down to a table, in case any force would knock her off. A large machine with a syringe stood in front of her. Sumato sat behind a glass window, working the controls. "Thank you so much for doing this-you don't know how happy you made me."

"Anything for someone who could help."

He looked into her eyes. "Now, this is your final chance. Once you get injected with this stuff, you can never turn back. Are you SURE?" He asked.





He smiled. "Ok, we're good to go. This may prick a bit, just warning you."

He pressed a few buttons, and the machine whirred to life. Suisui took a del breath as the needle made it's way to her body. Now, you are giving away your ordinary life for the sake of these people. You are now a hero. You are now THE HERO!

The needle plunged into her thigh, and she slipped into darkness.


"Can you hear me! SUISUI!!!"

Suisui shook her head. "Ugh...what happened." She put a hand to her forehead. Wait...using her right arm! It was fixed! She almost shouted for joy when she noticed the tail from her back. A leopard tail. A small bell was attached to it. She looked down. Her dress had changed into a yellow and blue tutu, and boots to match. She put some hair in front of her face. It was a deep grey.

"What am I?" She asked.

Sumato beached a sigh of relief. "I'm so glad you're awake!" Suisui looked at him. "What do you mean?" The man paused. "Er...Suisui. You've been out...for...3 weeks. I'm astonished you even survived!" She rose from the table in a huff. "You mean I could've died!? I COULD HAVE DIED?!?!?! I can't believe you let me unknowingly put my life in YOUR feeble hands!" Her ears (yes, EARS!) twitched in annoyance. "I bet this WASN'T for the good of the people. I was just some silly, gullible girl that you were using as a test subject!!!" Sumato shrieked. "Suisui, STOP!" Surprisingly, she did. She looked around

The room was a bright yellow. And Sumato had a look of pure fear on his face.

"Like a comet" He murmured.


"Mew Comet." Suisui said. "Catchy."

She and Sumato were drinking some tea at the captain's quarters. She had been recently introduced to the captain, Argo Junkoku. A chubby man with an attitude bigger than Hiroshima, he was promised nothing would happen to the ship and this 'condition' would't spread. "The only one spreading it will be me testing it." Sumato had promised.

Suisui had also gotten up to date on her powers. She now was a living supernova, and had a new weapon to brag about: The Particle Bell. A pretty blue and pink shield, she could use it to cover, attack, and block. And attacks also included: Ribbon Bursting Cheer. She had a smile that could fill up the whole room once she got used to her powers.

Sumato whispered, "I'm sorry. About before. I should have told you more."

"It's ok." She whispered back. "I would have done the same thing, probably. how else would I have agreed to this?"

"Yes, I think you're right."

They excused themselves and headed back to the Lab. Suisui talked with Sumato for hours about her new abilities. Finally, she asked the final question.

"Hey-what if there is more?"


"I mean, more girls. Who want to try this. Do you think they will?"

Sumato paused for a few moments. After some silence, he answered.

"If they have the heart to do it, yes."


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