Space Tail Mew Mew is a fiction created by the writer known as Mew Amelia. It is inspired by AnnikaDoll's Galaxy Mew Mew (No, I did NOT copy from it, thank you! Annika please don't hate me).


It is the year 2138. Humanity has fled Earth thanks to environmental changes in giant airships dubbed The Habitats. Soon after, a man named Sumato Tenkan has created a project that could save humanity-or destroy it. He dubs it the Space Mew Project. He now must look for 5 girls who are willing to use it to protect their Habitats, but the captain forbids him to use it. It could put humanity at risk, and since the last of us are on these airships, why risk it? Soon, though, they find a planet they call Somnus, which is populated by monsters called Chimer Anima and a race of people called the Chimer. Finally, Sumato has found the perfect opportunity to test out his new project! But what will happen if it fails? What will happen if his test subjects fail?

Our REAL story...has just begun.


Suisui Cheri - The first volunteer, and is infused with the Amur Leopard. She becomes Mew Comet.

Taiyo Hino - The second to volunteer, and is infused with the Black Spider Monkey. She is renamed Mew Sunspot.

Arashi Yami - The fourth to volunteer, and has the DNA of a Burying Beetle. She is dubbed Mew Nova.

Tsuki Hino - The third to volunteer (mostly because her sister is doing it) and is injected with the Arctic Fox. She is now called Mew Moonlite.

Suta Musoka - The fifth and final girl to volunteer, and has the DNA of the Barn Owl. She becomes Mew Astral.

Sumato Tenken - The scientist who created the Space Mew Project. He is very kind and caring.

Duro - The first alien the girls encounter, has a sardonic attitude.

Gryo - The second alien the team encounters, he is very young and playful.

Haano - The third alien the group encounters. He is very smart and unsocial.

Kibuxo - The leader of Somnus. Not much is known about him.

Life on The Habitats.

The Habitats were constructed fast, but still took time, so they are somewhat enjoyable.

The Incent Grounds

On every Habitat is a large area resembling a Park. It is about the same size as Central Park in NYC. Complete with artificial trees, a pond, and even a playground, it is created to resemble what was like that of home. Dotting it's landscape are shops and tents.

The Shopping Square

Where most people make their money. It takes up a large part of The Incent Grounds, and has many shops and tents selling items, from food to clothes to appliances.

The Bunks

The bunks are rooms in the east wing of the ship, and houses the living areas of each Human. It has a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. In order to make room for each human, the bunks were designed to still have room to build around it: thus, they are very small. There are two types of Bunks: 2-Rooms and 5-Rooms. 2-Rooms can hold at least 1-3 people, and 5-Rooms are designed to hold families of 3 or more.

The Labs

Where Sumato and other scientists create things to improve the lives of the Habitats. This is also where the Injection room is located.


Food and plants are grown here. Animals are also bred and cared for, until slaughter.

The Captain's Quarters

An exquisite cabinspace, where the Captain, his/her family, and other important leaders and their families live.


Full of tiny airships. This is also how the Space Tail Mews access Somnus and the Habitats.


The jobs you can get on a Habitat range from easy to hard. Here is a list.

Captain's Crew

The highest rate job, the Captain's crew runs the whole ship. Besides Captain, there are other positions close to it as well, including co-captain, pilot, co-pilot, and mechanic.


Scientists are people who do smart and/or science-y things. They are responsible for how to create food, inventions, and oxygen. Sumato is a notable scientist.




Coming Soon....

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