Shiroyuki Creampuff
Japanese Name 白雪クリームパフ
Mew Name Mew Creampuff
Age 16
Animal Giant Kangaroo Rat
Transformation "Mew Creampuff Metamorphosis!"
Weapon Creampuff Harp
Attack Ribbon Creampuff Freezing!
Birthday June 13th
Height 5'8
Hair Color Caramel Brown (Creampuff) Snow white (Mew Creampuff)
Eye Color Silvery-Blue
Likes Winter, Snow, Baking & Creampuffs
Dislikes Manga
Nicknames Puff-Chan (Chocolat)
Team Mew Mew Le France~
V.A. (Japanese) Kurosawa Tomoyo
Shiroyuki Creampuff (白雪クリームパフ Shiroyuki Kurīmupafu) alongside her best friend of 10 years, Chocolat have realized they are the last two Mews to be awoken. Her alter ego is Mew Creampuff and she is infused with the genes of the Giant Kangaroo Rat.



Creampuff is a tall 16 year old who is tall for her age with slim built. Her caramel-brown hair reaches her shoulders and is worn freely. She has round silvery-blue eyes and pale skin.