Satou Ohzora
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Japanese Name Kanji: 大空 さとう Ohzora Satou (Given name)

ミュウシュガー Mew Sugar (Alias)
Name Meaning: Sugar Big Sky

Alternative Spellings: Ōzora Satō, Myuu shugā
Age 8
Animal Pink Pigeon
Weapon Sugar Arrow

Sugar Heart

Sugar Rod
Attack Ribbon Sugar Rush

Ribbon Sugar Sparkle

Ribbon Sugar Glaze
Birthday December 21st
Height 4'5"
Weight 60lbs
Hair Color Light Pink (Untransformed in the anime and manga)
Pale Pink (Transformed in the anime)
White (Transformed in the manga)
Eye Color Red-brown (Untransformed)
Deep Pink (Transformed)
Blood Type O
Likes Karaoke, sweets, candy, studying recipes, glitter, helping people, the sky, the arcade, small children, snow and Tamagotchi

Favorite color: Pink (anime)
White (manga)
Favorite food: Pastries, candy, icecream, vanilla, strawberry, rice, bread, cereal, biscuits, crackers, corn, and nuts
Favorite flower: Carnation

Talent/Hobbies: Singing and baking
Dislikes Bullies and arguments

Least favorite food: Asparagus

Phobia: Underwater
Relatives Ina Ohzora (Mother)
Shiroki Ohzora (Father)
Team Bonbon Mew Mew
Position Protagonist
First member; Leader
V.A. (English) N/A
V.A. (Japanese) N/A
Character Themes Winter season (No songs available)

Satou Ohzora (大空 さとう, Ōzora Satō) is the main protagonist of the fanfictional series Bonbon Mew Mew and the main heroine of the story. She is the first member to be introduced and her DNA is fused with a Pink Pigeon.


Bonbon Mew Mew

Candy Mew Mew




Satou has pink-white skin and light carnation pink hair. Her hairstyle is two puffs accessorized with dark pink bubble-elastics and she has russet brown eyes. She often wears pink and white clothing aside from her regular school uniform.

Cafe Mew Mew

Her Waitress outfit is a pink dress with a white heart-shaped apron, a headband and light pink socks and black shoes. Her two other teammates's outfits are alike but has different colors and their hairstyles are kept the same.

Mew Sugar

When transformed, Satou's hair becomes puffier and turns cotton candy pink and her eyes turn deep pink. She wears a strapped and pleated light pink dress with matching gloves, arm and leg garters and knee-high boots. Her garters are trimmed with white lace and her leg garter appears on her right thigh. Her hair accessory changes from pink to white and She grows a pair of bird wings and a tail.

Her Mew Mark is a heart with wings behind her neck.



Weapons and Attacks



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