Biographical Information
Age: 15/16

Relatives: Mrs Mabile, Mr Mabile

Alias: Mew Acai
Romantic Interests: Seth Minami, {Crush} Logan Santos 
Physical Description
Species: Human/Mew mew
Gender: Female
Height: 4'9/144cm
Weight: 122lb/55.5 kg
Description: Stocky build, Short, Grey eyes (Untrasformed) Light brown hair (Untransformed)
Mew Form
Animal DNA: Snow Leopard
Weapon: Mew Aclaws 
Abilities: High Jumping, Running fast, Ect.
Mew Mark: Same as Ichigo's, right wrist
Other Information
Sexuality: Asexual
Interests: Maths, Fashion, Cooking, Art, Singing.
Likes: Food, Sweets, Clothes, Art.
Dislikes: Sour foods, Being called by her full name, Dogs, 

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