Sandra "Sandy" White AKA. Mew Apple is the main character and leader of the Fabled Mew Mews.


Sandy was born to Roy and Sandra White in the year 2006, sixteen years before the Fabled Mew Mew takes place. Sandy's mother died not long after childbirth, prompting her father to name his child after his late wife. She spent a more than average amount of her childhood inside due to albinism. When she was ten, her father remarried to a woman who bullied her behind his back. One day when she was sixteen, she was at the park, trying to avoid her parents on the day of their wedding anniversary. An earthquake struck the park and she was hit with a ray of light. Several days later, after experiencing some strange side effects, she was approached by Dr William Grimm and his younger brother Jake Grimm, who explained she had been infused with the genes of the columbian white-tailed deer and was now a mew mew. This understandably freaked her out, and while trying to get away from them, she ran into a chimera anima. She transformed into Mew Apple and defeated the creature with her Apple Longbow. The two brothers offered her a job as a maid at their café, which she accepted.


Roy White

Sandy has a deep connection with her father, as he was the only person raising her during early childhood, and she spent a lot of time inside because of her albinism. However, this relationship has been damaged by his new wife Regina.

Fabled Mew Mew

Sandy gets along well with her teammates, her charisma and stony determination befitting her leadership position amongst the team. The stress of juggling teen life with saving the world can strain these friendships, however.


  • She has albinism.
  • She is based on the fairytale character Snow White.
  • She accepted the Grimms' job offer because she wanted a reason to get out of the house and away from her stepmother for a while.
  • Her name means "defender of mankind."

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