A roleplay for the Litemon children when they were kids! Friends who have traveled there are allowed to join in! Keep in mind all characters who are Litemon may be in here, even if they didn't appear till teens.

This Roleplay has started


You will not:

  • Swear!
  • Do anything sexual
  • Slide off of the plot
  • Put all the attention on yourself!
  • Harass other users!

You may:

  • Smile!
  • Be nice!
  • Be friendly!
  • And have a good time!


Don't put in too many XD


Tianshi! (child, about 9)

Anglowelzi! (Parent)

Tess! (child, about 11)

Kiesha (child, about 9)

Bunny Ikasasha (Child, about 8)

Tristina (About 8)


Heina (child, about 9)

Mephiles (child, about 11 years old)

Zenitark (parent)

Gabriella (Child, around ten)

Amy Ikasasha (About 7)

Complete Litemons!

Destiney (child, about 9)

Thirza (child, about 8)

Noel (About 9)


Little Litemon! (Like a little 5 year off puffybal X3)

Skully and Mortis (Most likely 4 year old puffies X3)

Fuzzy! (A lil 2 year old fuzzyball X3)


Destiney: Ahh... isn't today lovely Litemon?

Litemon: Yep!

Skully: *zips past* NIce day! Nice day!

Destiney: *giggles* Skully when did you get here?

Litemon: Skully!

Thirza: *runs up* Skully! Oh hi Dest!

Destiney: *smiles* Thirza!


Thirza: Hehe!

Destiney: How are ya?

Thirza: I'm good, you?

Destiney: Great

Heina: *appears out of nowhere* BWAHAHAHA!

Litemon: EEEK!

Destiney: HEINA!

Thirza: AHH!

Heina: HA HA! That's exactly what I wnated!

Destiney: Not funny Heina

Thirza: Yea, not fun- Hey there's Tess!

Tess: Hello!

Destiney: Hi Tess!

Tess: *smiles*

Heina: Ello


Skully: Hiyo!

Mortis: *purrs* I like Tess!

Litemon: Me too!

Destiney: I like today :3

Thirza: Yea, it's nice today.

Heina: Destiney how did you escape from Mephiles earlier?

Destiney:....Vulcan neck pinch...

Litemon: HAHA!

Thirza: Nice!

Destiney: Thanks ^-^

Litemon: Desty's tough! She's the stronger girl on Litemon!

Destiney: Litemon i'm not >.>

Skully: *whispers* Flattery works on everyone, keep going!

Litemon: And you're a real pretty girl too!

Destiney: Erm.. thanks...

Skully: You guys are the best Mews ever!

Destiney: Thanks

Thirza: Are you trying to get something?

Skully: Maybe...

Destiney: What is it?

Litemon: I'll never say!

Heina: Ya better say!


Destiney:... How do we do that?

Litemon: Phew...

Thirza: You guys are hilarious!


Heina: I think that's going to be hard

Destiney: Anything's possible

Mortis: My name is Latin!

Thirza: Oh boy...

Destiney: Why is that important?

Litemon: It just is! GIMMEH CHEEZBALLS!

Skully: CHEEEESE!!!

Destiney: *laughs*

Heina: *laughs with her*

Thirza: Hey, where's Tianshi?

Heina: Oh, she'll show up soon..

Destiney: Heina, where'd ya leave our sister?

Thirza: Nowhere bad I hope.

Heina: Nowhere bad

Tianshi: *appears* Hey all!

Tess: Hi!

Destiney: Hi Sis!

Tianshi: Hi!

Thirza: Wow, looks like just about everyone is here! *she grins her crooked smile*

Destiney: Yup!

Tianshi: It's so great to see everyone!


Skully: Skully happy now! Happy happy happy!

Litemon: YEAH!

Destiney: *giggles*

Thirza: *laughs*

Tessa: Hey Fuzzy, come out and play with these guys!

(A little stripey fuzzball zips out)

Fuzzy: Too scared!

Litemon: FUZZ BALL!

Destiney: aww X3

Fuzzy: *whimpers*

Tess: He's scared of everything, except aliens and cupcakes.

Destiney: He's so cute!

Tianshi: Yeah!

Thirza: D'awww! He's adorable!

Fuzzy: *hiccups*

Litemon: *purrs* ^-^

Heina: He's awfully cute for a runt

Tianshi: Why do you have to go calling the fuzzballs runts?

Heina: Because they are

Fuzzy: I not runt! Just teeny!

Litemon: I agree! He's just tiny! But he's cute tiny X3

Destiney: Heh.. of course you say that Litemon

Tessa: *chuckles*

Litemon: It ish true!

Thirza: Tiny is awesome!

Destiney: Totally! *hops up into a tree*

Skully: Treeeeeeeeeeeeah? *flies at tree repeatedly*

Tianshi: *giggles* Skully you silly puffball

Heina:... Runt

Litemon: NOT RUNTS!!!! NOT RUNTS!!!! *gets in Heinas face*

Heina: *anime sweatdrop* Get away from me before I slice you in half

Skully: *dizzy* I'm a pickle :p

Thirza: Oh Skully!

Destiney: *motions Thirza to come up* HIDE!

Litemon: What's wrong Dessah?

Destiney: *anime stress symbol*

Heina: May I smack her?

Destiney: Please do

Litemon: ACK! *runs*

Thirza: *climbs into tree* What's up?