Razuberi Murasazumi
Mew Name Mew Raspberry
Age 15
Animal African Wild Donkey
Weapon Raspberry Bow
Attack Ribbon Raspberry Pierce
Zodiac Gemini
Birthday July 13
Hair Color Blonde (Normal), violet (Mew Mew)
Eye Color Dark purple (normal), light purple (Mew Mew)
Nicknames Beri, Razu
Team Ribbon Mew Mew
Position Leader
Razuberi Murasazumi is a 15-year old Mew Mew. Her name means Purple-Lake Raspberry. She goes to Ichigo's school and works part-time at a restaurant. She is best friends with Aisu Aoikawa. She is the first Mew Mew of the Ribbon Mew Mews.


Razuberi's blonde hair reaches to her shoulder blades and is usually tied into a braided ponytail. She has dark purple eyes. Her outfits wary.

As a Mew Mew, she has twin tails and a few streaks at the sides that "stick" out. Her hair changes to violet and her eye colour changes to light purple. She uses violet and darker shade of violet for her outfit colours.


Razuberi is an exchange student from Europe that currently lives in Japan. She grew up with both parents, her father being Japanese, her mother German. She always wanted to visit the country her father came from. When her school "needed" exchange students to send to Japan, she immediately applied. Due to an accident during the flight, they needed to stop on the way. She had some free time, so she explored the city she was in. She met a girl, Aisu, at the beach and they became friends. The two of them decided to visit a zoo. While there, a few animals broke free. Berry and Aisu encounter an African Lion and an African Wild Donkey. (This is where the DNA is from). She then had to leave for her flight. When she arrived at the airport in Japan, a stranger handed her her mew pendant. Shortly after, she became a Mew Mew in order to save Aisu from an alien attack.


Razuberi is a happy girl that likes to talk a lot. She easily makes friends, likes helping people and wants to meet as many people as possible. She also enjoys exploring new places. TBA

Mew Raspberry

Mew Raspberry is Razuberi's Mew form, she is infused with African Wild Donkey and her powers revolve around light. Her weapon, the Raspberry Bow, creates an arrow made out of light upon usage.

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