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Razu Berry
Japanese Name Raspberry
Mew Name Myu Raspberry
Age 15
Animal African Lion
Transformation None
Weapon Raspberry Bell
Attack Ribbon Raspberry Spear
Zodiac Unknown
Birthday May 17
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Pink/Purple
Eye Color Pink
Blood Type Unknown
Likes Myu YellowBerry, Myu Grapefuit, Peaches
Dislikes Kentosha Senso, Deep Blue, Aiiron, Myu Elderberry
Relatives Myu YellowBerry, Myu Grapefruit
Nicknames Raz, Myu 14
Team Myu Team A
Position Leader
V.A. (English) Tara Strong
V.A. (Japanese) Michi Tomizawa
Character Themes Eyes Wide Open by Sabrina Carpenter
Razu Berri, better known as Myu Raspberry, is the main character in Mew Amelia's fan fiction, Berry Sweet Myu Myu. She is the 14th champion in the 24th Kenosha Senso.


She is mostly serous, headstrong, and hardworking. She wants nothing more than to work hard so she can give her family a better chance. Being the oldest out of three, and losing her parents to an avalanche, Razu has a lot on her hands. She has to take care of her sisters and herself at the same time. Razz can be fun and caring, but mostly acts like an adult.



As a human, Razu has red and purple hair and green eyes. She is shown wearing her Shinto uniform, but is occasionally seen wearing a yellow sundress.


As a Myu, Razu gains pink/purple hair and pink eyes. Her outfit changes into a hot purple dress and high heels. She also wears a choker around her neck and her Myu ID hanging off it. Razz also has lion ears and a tail.





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