Priscilla 'Pris' Drake-Hautain is a major supporting character in London Mew Mew. She is quite rich, and acts quite cold to most people. Yet in truth she is actually scared and very timid. She finds hanging out with Ichigo embarrassing but fun. Her DNA is infused with the African Lion.



Priscilla is born to Hannah Drake and Lars Drake. Even as a child, Priscilla is excepted to do 'great things' and is very spoiled. As she grows older, her parents keep her away from other students at her school since they 'aren't good enough for her'. This leads to Priscilla believing that she is in fact better than everyone else even though she is not. Pris' life is turned upside down when her mother is murdered and her father commits suicide. She becomes an orphan and feels as though her life is not complete. Since she is used to everything being handed to her on a silver platter, Pris feels like they aren't treating her with respect and runs away. Soon she's caught and taken back, finding that all the other children have been adopted, and only she and another child Regina Suace are the only ones left. Forgeting what her parents said about 'not hanging out with commoners', she and Regina become fast friends. Soon they are adopted by a wealthy family, the Hautains. Prefering to keep their last names, Pris and her new sister Regina decide to rule their school. After some time, they are treated 'as they are supposed to be'. Nobody disrespects them, everyone knows them, and even the TEACHERS are afraid of what they might do if they anger them. As such, their lives are complete...until a particular student starts a FanClub.


When new kid Amy Gnuman starts a group called 'FanClub Miaulement' and steers everyone's attention from them to Tokyo Mew Mew, Pris begins to hate Tokyo Mew Mew. She just doesn't understand how they are 'better' than her. Regina hates them as well, but sneaks into their club one day and finds out TMM isn't so bad. Regina asks Pris if she wants to be in the club with her, and Pris asks her why she would even suggest something like that. Regina says they aren't so bad and It could even boost their popularity, but Pris takes no interest. "Those MEWS took away our popularity. If you want to join them, you can just forget about being with me." she says. Regina agrees with no second thoughts, and joins the group, becoming one of the most well-known members. Pris drifts into a depression, since she doesn't even talk to her sister anymore. She soon wakes up from her 'dream' and becomes popular again. She even outright says that Tokyo Mew Mew are "Bad luck, no-do-gooders...but maybe they can still be known.". She joins the club, and finds out it DOES boost her popularity, like Regina said. She attempts to reconcile with her, but gets turned down each time. When a Chimera Anima attacks the school, though, she may find that a Mew has migrated...




She has her hair up in a ponytail, and wear fashionable pink dragon earrings. She is most commonly seen wearing her uniform or a gold and denim short and pants.

Mew DragonFruit

As Mew DragonFruit (alternatively Mew Pitaya or Mew Pitahaya) gains pink hair and a green dress. She also gets rose-pink/lime-green ankle-high boots and pink gloves. Pris grows african lion ears and a tail. Her teeth also sharpen into fangs.



As Mew Dragonfruit, Priscilla can summon a weapon called the Pitaya Wand. It is a hot pink and seems to resemble a picallo. With it, she can create shields, blasts of fire, and whips. Her attack is 'Ribbon Dragon Strike'.


'Where is the food around here?' - Her comments about the cafeteria food.

'Gina, we need to show them how we rule. This. School.' - She and Regina plotting their takeover of Portland High.

'Ichigo, sweetie, I don't mean to be rude...but a natural disaster just landed upon your head.' - What she usually says about Ichigo's hats.

'Mew Mew Pitaya, METAMORPHOSES!' - Her transformation call.

'Ribbon...Dragon Strike!' - Her attack.


Pris is the only Mew to have fangs, besides Mew 4. It is unknown why.

Pris bears a resemblance to 'Tris' from Divergent. It has been confirmed that this is what inspired her nickname.

Regina is her sister, despite the fact they have different last names. This is because she's her ADOPTED sister, and she kept her family name.

Pris also kept her family name.

Her favorite food is, ironically, Lettuce. This could also be a reference to Mew Lettuce.

Her favorite color is actually Gold.

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