Peter is a fanmade character for the anime and manga series Tokyo Mew Mew. His DNA is merged with a Volcano Rabbit.


  • Birth date: April 25th
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • School: Unknown
  • Grade: 10th (1st year high school student by Japanese standards)
  • Blood Type: O
  • Affliations: Sprite




A Eurasian boy recently returned from England, Peter has a generally unfascinating appearance, with chin-length brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin. He is average in height and a little skinny for his age, but has a hunched posture that gives him a defensive kind of look. When not in school uniform, he wears dull-coloured sweaters, jeans and almost always has a scarf pulled up high enough for him to duck down and cover half his face.


While he doesn't wear a tie, Peter instead has a small black scarf to go alongise his black-striped short-sleeved auburn shirt, black trousers tucked into black army boots, black armwarmers and an auburn cap. His transformation turns his hair dark crimson and his eyes green, while he grows a pair of dark rabbit ears turned flat against his head, and black tail.


Incredibly stubborn, bad-mouthed and ill-tempered, Peter is actually rather shy and wary of people, but covers it up with an angry front. He's very cynical and finds it hard to trust people, but isn't afraid to tell someone exactly what he thinks of them. Apparently, he has to make a conscious effort to differentiate girls and boys, as he usually treats them in the same, rough way. In truth, he gets easily touched and flustered by genuine expressions of appreciation, although he'll try - and fail - to hide it by saying something rude.   

Peter tends to complain a lot and rarely has anything nice to say, but he gets his work done and has a strong sense of responsibility. He's painfully aware that he's not strong physically, but he's quick on his feet and also adept at thinking fast in tight situations. Though generally more irritated than frightened when he's forced to face terrifying situations, Peter is scared of the unknown, such as ghosts, and secretly has a sweet tooth.


  • Peter's name could be a reference to either the fictional character Peter Pan or Peter Rabbit, and means 'rock', from the Greek word 'petros'.
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