P4S133, otherwise known as Parsley is a main character from Neotype Mew Mew . She is a Neotype Mew, an Android imbued with the DNA of an endangered species, and is partnered with Thyme Bruinkogel .



Parsley is a Neotype Mew Mew. Her body was finished roughly three months ago, also with the rest of her line of Neotype Mews, and she is Serial #133 in her series (150 Neotype Mews are in her series, some with the same animal DNA as her, but they have been distributed throughout the city and some other cities too). 

Parsley was then programmed and released to the public at the beginning of the series.


Parsley, being an AI has small emotive range. She's programmed to be very meticulous and abide by the rules, and thus she has a very serious personality. However she is capable of feeling greater emotions since she is partially created from animal DNA, and soon after exeriencing the world her endangered species DNA begins to make her want to save and protect the world she is experiencing(as was intended by her creators).

Parsley does have trouble understanding more complex human emotions, such as humiliation, pride and feelings of self doubt, and her objective view on most situations means she is often in conflict with her partner Thyme.


She does not transform into a mew mew, so her costume and such is consistant. She has very pale skin, a slim build and short black hair. 

Occaisionally, when travelling ion public with Thyme, she'll wear a brown leather jacket.


At the beginning of Neotype Mew Mew, Parsley is partnered up with MPPF officer Thyme. At first the two don;t see eye to eye, but they soon warm up to eachother.

Skills and Abilities

As Parsley is an android she is stronger, faster and more intelligent than the average human or Mew Mew. She is quite resiliant to physical damage, but she is susceptable to water damage if her outer metal coating is damaged and she is deeply submerged in water. Furthermore she can be caused to short circuit if she is electricuted with a very high voltage, and this can cause system malfunctions.

Parsley doesn't use conventional mew weapons. Instead she uses a built in plasma canon in her arm to fight hostile enemies. The plasma can stun and entrap enemies. She is also programmed to be skilled with hand to hand combat.


Neotype Mew Mew
Shiny_re's contest entry

Thyme Bruinkogel + Parsley

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