Orenji Honoiro
Mew Name Mew Orange
Age 15
Animal Island fox (Urocyon littoralis)
Weapon Orange Ribbon
Attack Ribbon Orange Sonata
Zodiac Aries
Birthday May 11
Hair Color Orange (normal), Red (Mew Mew)
Eye Color Orange (both normal and Mew Mew)
Nicknames Oren-nin
Team Ribbon Mew Mew
Position Follower
Orenji is a Mew Mew and also a kunoichi (female ninja). She is also is the second Mew Mew in her team. She doesn't visit a school and is home taught. She is the second Ribbon Mew Mew.


Orenji has orange hair that she wears open and orange eyes. Her outfits wary, but she usually carries some kunai or throwing knives somewhere on her.

As Mew Orange, her hairstyle stays the same, but the colour changes to red, but her eyes stay orange. Her outfit uses the colour yellow.


Orenji was born into a ninja family. She was taught by her older brother everything she knows. The first time she went out of her village/town was when she was about 12 years old. Her life has been pretty normal. She ran into Razuberi by accident as she was running from an alien. This appeared suspicious to her, and she decided to follow Razuberi. Orenji caught up to her as she faced the alien, and interfered when Mew Raspberry was caught off guard, which is what triggered her transformation.  


Orenji is a quiet, serious and mature girl. She rather acts than talk things out and sometimes acts from impulse. She might come of as cold because she doesn't talk that often and doesn't trust people easily, but once somebody gains her trust, she will risk her life for them.

Mew Orange

Mew Orange is Orenji's mew form, her powers are based around plants and she is infused with Island fox DNA.

She uses weapon, the Orange Ribbon, as soon as she enters a battle as she summons it in her transformation. It has many uses, but she mainly uses it to tie people to a certain spot.

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