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Orenji Berri
Japanese Name Orange Berry
Mew Name Myu Orange
Age 12
Animal Sand Cat
Transformation None
Weapon Orange Gong
Attack Ribbon Orange Stoke
Zodiac Unknown
Birthday June 30
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Orange
Blood Type Unknown
Likes Myu Raspberry, Apples, Farming, Myu Grapefruit
Dislikes Nightmares, Kenosha Senso, Being Alone
Relatives Myu Raspberry and Myu Grapefruit
Nicknames Ji-ji
Team Myu A Team
Position Scout
V.A. (English) Kether Donahue
V.A. (Japanese) Kae Araki
Character Themes Fire n Gold by Bea Miller
Orenji Beri, also known as Myu Orange, is a major deuteragonist in Mew Amelia's fanfic, Berry Sweet Myu Myu. Being the younger sister of the main protagonist, Razu, she plays a key role in the story.


Orengji has shown to be quite innocent and sweet. She finds good in all, looking to the bright side of things. She counts on her sisters to take care of her, since she is the youngest and only knows how to farm blueberries. She is also upbeat and bright, making people laugh when they are down.



As a Human, Orenji has auburn hair and green eyes like her sisters. She wears aturquiose sundress but is most often seen wearing her Shinto uniform.


Mew Orange has a peach-pink sundress that puffs out like a cupcake (Couldn't think of a better explanation XD). She gets a yellow choker with her Myu ID on it and ballet boots. Orange also gets orange hair and eyes. A sand cat tail and ears complete the look.





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