Mew love storm

noriko as mew love storm! (I draw badly0

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Noriko was only 5 years old when her mother disappeared. Beacause of this, she lives with her father and grandmother. The only memory Noriko has of her mother is her pet cat, Kimmy.

how she got her mew powers:

Noriko was taking kimmy to the vet until a strange light struck Kimmy, causing both Noriko and Kimmy to merge together to mew love storm!

personality: Noriko is often adventurous and curious about her mew powers. she loves climbing trees and going on adventures to stop any threats. she is normally kind to others, but she does get mad when she fails to complete her job as a mew mew.

weapons and attacks:

mew love storm's weapon is the love storm wand. with this wand, she can use attacks like "love storm hurricane!" or "love tornado!" but her powerful attack is "true love storm heart purifier!"

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