Biographical Information
Age 10
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Nicole
  • Collie
Romantic Interests None
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 4'6
Weight 78 lbs
  • Auburn red hair
  • Medium length sausage curled hair, straight across bangs, most often seen in pigtails
  • Hazel eyes
Mew Form - Mew Nicolette
Animal DNA Cloud-forest Pygmy Owl
Weapon Pink Ribbon Bow
Mew Powers Love Ribbon Kiss
Mew Mark

A ribbon with a heart in the center on her upper back, between her shoulderblades.

Other Information
  • Ballet
  • Painting
Pets A white female bunny named Florence
Likes Dancing, dolls, fancy pastries, birds, frilly outfits, ribbons, staying up late, pink
Dislikes Brussels sprouts, being scolded, sneakers, being woken up, rats, dirt

Nicolette Mercier

Nicolette is a sweet young French speaking girl from Quebec. She's an only child who lives with her doting parents and beloved nanny. Nicolette hasn't quite mastered the English language, and tends to chatter in rapid French when she gets excited. She is the youngest Mew on the team and idolizes Chai. Her animal genes are that of the Cloud-forest Pygmy Owl.


Nicolette is a sweet, polite girl who learned her manners at a young age. She can be a little snobbish, but she dotes upon those she cares about, regardless of size or age. Many find her to be endearing, but others cannot stand her overly polite manner of speaking. She's a known crybaby and can be a bit of a brat when she doesn't get what she wants. She isn't above throwing a temper tantrum, but she's fairly well mannered besides. Nicolette doesn't like getting dirty, and will ocassionally sit out certain fights. Despite this, she can be genuinely helpful. She's a girly girl who likes pink and fancy things, and likes to stay up late into the night.


Nicolette is a small girl with a petite frame. She's nice and slim, with absolutely no figure whatsoever due to her age. She has sausage curled hair that bounces delightfully below her shoulders in a reddish auburn colour. She has wide hazel eyes and peachy skin, and she likes to keep her hair in pigtails. Nicolette likes to wear frilly dresses, puffy blouses, and fluffy skirts. She refuses to wear anything but her shiny mary-janes for shoes and prefers to wear pink or white over any other colour.




  • She hates it when other kids call her "Collie".
  • Nicolette has had the most changes in animal DNA. It changed four times before I settled on an owl.


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