Nayla Peles
Japanese Name ネイア ペレス
Mew Name Mew Crystal
Age 13
Animal Russian Blue Cat
Transformation Mew Mew Harmony, Harmonize!
Weapon Rod of Gems
Clarity slicer
Attack Crystal Light Slice!
Gemling Wind!
Zodiac Aquarius
Birthday 2nd February
Height 156cm
Weight 51kg
Hair Color Brown (Neyla)
Royal Purple (Mew Crystal)
Eye Color Dark Brown (Neyla)
Dark Red (Mew Crystal)
Blood Type Crystalized blood
Likes Fluffy things, cats,
jewelry, animals, her BFFs
Dislikes Two-faced people
Relatives Naula Peles (Mother)

Unknown Father
Ava Peles (Grandmother)
Alyssa Peles (Grand grandmother)
Archie Peles (Grandfather)
Ruxin Peles (Grand grandfather)

Talula Rujisin (Cousin)
Nicknames Ney,
Team Mew Mew Harmony
Position Member
Character Themes Baby I - Ariana Grande

Neyla Peles (ネイア ペレス Neirua Peresu) is a member of the Mew Mew Harmony. She's also member of their pop group named ღElemental∿Heartღ. Neyla lives with her mother. She's thirteen years old, optimistic and always with big smile, having a big passion for cats.

Her alter ego is Mew Crystal (ミュウ クリスタル Myuu Kurisutaru



Neyla is 156cm in height 51kg in weight. She has dark brown eyes and brown, curly-at-the-end hair that reaches her shoulders. Neyla likes all sweet stuff, like fluffy jumpers and fluffy slippers.

Mew Crystal

Mew Crystal has wavy, royal purpe hair with grey cat ears and dark red eyes. She has royal purple choker with her gold crystal as her transformation item. Crystal wears short royal purple dress with grey cat tail and grey cat tail.

Crystal's Mark

Crystal's Mark

s gloves with the same color. Her garter is on her left leg. She wears royal purple high heels that reaches her ankles. Crystal has dark red lace lining the top of her dress and the top and bottom of her arm garters, leg garter, and her choker.

Mew Mark

Neyla's mew mark is located on Neyla's right side of her navel. It's pair of cat ears and tail, with decorations around.


Neyla is cute, funny and crazy girl that likes to smile and make other people laugh. Nothing can bring her shiny attitude, which only makes it to spread on other people's faces and thoughts. Neyla's weakness is her aunt, who died in 2014. Whenever someone mention her aunt, Neyla's trying her strongest not to burst into tears, but she knows she has all great memories that'll always stay in her heart.


Neyla's DNA is fused with Russian Blue Cat. Her transformation item is her royal purple necklace that symbolizes friendship between the teammates. Neyla can smell fish anywhere and she doesn't take fall damage. She often unconsciously starts eating cat food and she starts to meow when she's upset. She can turn into Russian Blue Cat by pinching her Mew Mark. If she's angry, upset, suprised, scared or pleased, cat ears and tail can pop out.


Neyla activates her Mew Crystal necklace by giving it hers DNA with kiss, and then saying "Mew Mew Harmony, Harmonize!". It starts to shine and crystalize. The next scene shows Crystal in praying-like pose, with her human and Russian Blue Cat DNA fusing in background. Afterwards, crystals cover her hair to transform it. Along with hair, her cat ears and tail appear, and eyes change color. The next scene shows Crystal with another wave of crystals that this time cover her whole body to transform into her Mew Mew outfit. At the end, her Mew Crystal necklace becomes golden and attached to her choker. Her final pose is happy jump. Background is filled with royal purple crystals.

Weapons and Attacks


Mew Crystal PNG

Mew Crystal with her main weapon, Rod of Gems

Mew Crystal's weapon is Rod of Gems. Rod is royal purple color with crystal symbols around it. It has royal purple crystal at the end of the scepter, with crystal-shaped symbol with red crystal-shaped andesine. Rod is medium size. It can turn into large rod with two slices on both sides with royal purple stick and red symbols. Blades are made out of andesine. Weapon's called Clarity slicer.


Crystal's first finisher attack is "Crystal Light Slice!". It has power to purify Dyorixes and change everything back to normal. Her second finisher attack is "Gemling Wind!". It's upgraded version of first finisher. When she's with the group, she can preform "Mew Cosmical Balance!".

Her sub-attacks are: Crystal Shower, Gem Blow, Crystal Kick, Crystal Punch, Gem's Shine, Crystal Blast.

Her defense spells are: Gem Drape, Swan's Wings,  Crystal Rain, Gem Anchor.


Magdalena Sparkle

Neyla and Magdalena are big fashion lovers. Everything that's on this season, they'll know and spread it to who doesn't know. They're modern abbreviations users, so they need to explain some things to Tay. Neyla and Magdalena are more childish then Taylor, as she's the oldest. They're big fans of art as well, so they often draw together, as Magdalena likes to give Neyla tips about what good drawing need to have. Magdalena likes to call Neyla Nel, and Neyla likes to call Magdalena Magy.

Taylor Ivy

Taylor and Neyla have known each other for long time, longer then Magdalena. Taylor was always the shy one and that irritated Neyla who wasn't shy person at all, so she was kind of "leader" in their friendship. But when they met Magdalena, they totally changed that bad thinking of each other. Taylor usually helps Neyla to find perfect fashion designs and matches her outfit, while Neyla helps Taylor around her garden and animals.

Talula Rujisin

Talula and Neyla likes each other when they were little, but now they're hating very hard. Talula grew up to be very "modern" individual with no care for others, which only irritated Neyla who had to look after her little cousin while her parents were visiting Neyla's family.

Bu-Ling Huang

Bu-Ling and Neyla are like sisters, both full of energy and optimistic. Except, Bu-Ling was self-taught acrobatian, but Neyla got her acrobatic power from her fused DNA animal, Russian Blue Cat.

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