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Neotype Mew Mew is an Alternative Universe fiction, in which Mew Mews are the main police force of a futuristic city. The story revolves around two partnered Mews, Thyme Bruinkogel and P4S133 (nicknamed "Parsley") who work together to keep the city clean of crime.


Neotype Mew Mew takes place in a futuristic cosmopolitan city. In this universe, the Mew project was a government based project aimed towards creating a defence force that was driven to save the city(and by extension, the planet) due to being infused with endangered animals(much like the canon intention of the Mew Project, though on a larger scale). Most of the force was made up pof volunteers, and for many years prior to the beginning of the series, Mew Project Police Force(MPPF) have been monitoring and protecting the city. 

MPPF mews are very common place in the city now, decades after their initiation, and have garnered a lot of critiscism for being inefficient in more recent years. In response to this, the Mew Project scientists close down the MPPF lab and work on a new type of mew- the Neotype Mew. The Neotype mews are Androids, having no human parts and being only mildly influenced by the DNA of endangered animals, but are far stronger and more efficient than the original MPPF mew mews, as they lack human error.

The main story begins five years after the closing of the MPPF labs. Thyme Bruinkogel is a MPPF mew still working on the force, and is determined to keep on doing so since she believes original Mews are not yet obsolete. She's partnered up with a P4 series (the first series to be perfected and released to the public) Neotype S133 which she nicknames Parsley. The two must sort out their differences and work together towards a crime free city, though neither really know how to work with the other at first.


Main characters


Neotype Mew Mew
Shiny_re's contest entry

Thyme Bruinkogel + Parsley

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