Nekutarin Akayama
Mew Name Mew Nectarine
Age 15
Animal Sumatran Tiger
Weapon Nectarine Sword
Attack Ribbon Nectarine Shower
Zodiac Leo
Birthday July 26
Hair Color Reddish-brown (normal), Red (Mew Mew)
Eye Color Brown (normal), red (Mew Mew)
Team Ribbon Mew Mew
Position Follower
Nekutarin Akayama is a 15-year old Mew Mew. He goes to Ichigo's school and is one of the most popular students there. He also is the fifth of the Ribbon Mew Mews.


Nekutarin has reddish-brown hair and his eyes are brown. His outfits wary, but one includes his school uniform.

When he changes into Mew Nectarine, his eyes and hair change to red. While his hair stays mostly the same, his bangs flare greatly on the right side. His outfit colours are red and a darker shade of it.


Nekutarin grew up in a rich household, but was very lonely due to him being an only child and his parents travelling over the world, not visiting very often. He also is both very intelligent and talented (in like, everything?). Nekutarin was homeschooled at a very young age before being send to school. He was bored in school because he already was taught most of it and still understands most of it without it having to be taught to him. Because he was bored, he tried all kinds of things but gets bored quickly because they pose no challenge to him. (to be continued...)


Nekutarin has a laid back personality and doesn't care much about the people around him. He is bored by his current life and wants to change something about it. He is popular among the girls, but doesn't really care.

This changes when he turns into Mew Nectarine. Now having found something exiting to do, his personality changes while in this form. He is much more outgoing, likes taking risks and challenges. He also is almost always seen laughing in this form, now matter the situation.

Mew Nectarine

Mew Nectarine is Nekutarin's mew form, his powers are based around fire and heat. He is infused with Sumatran Tiger DNA.

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