Homura's namespace for her entry in Annika's contest.

Nano Mew

A Nano Mew is an Anti-virus program for the reality simulator humans live in furing the year 3000. The word Mew in Nano Mew stands for: Malicious program Executioner and Warning system; M.E.W. There is only one Nano Mew so far in the Reality Simulators system, known a Ava, whom takes the form of a magical superheroine and defeats whatever malicious hardware that gets into the Simulator.

Story behind it: The Reality Simulator was built in the year 2965 by a scientist who went by the name of Harold, when pollution was too much for the human species to handle. Humans would be given the chance to live in the fresh oxygen tube and put to sleep where they would mentally live in the reality simulator with other humans who chose to live within it. Where there is an upside to this amazing piece of technology, there is a downfall. All technology would get a virus one way or another, and soon the bugs found their way into the reality simulators system.

Harold, knowing that the viruses could cause fatal results to those who were living within the simulator, began to get to work on a special anti-virus system to combat the bugs. The first attempted program; Named D.E.E, had failed to stop the Viruses. The viruses began tp dangerously uncorrectly shut the system down on humans living within, causing deaths and severe injurys to their nerve systems and brains. The second prototype however, worked well, and he named this anti-virus program A.V.A.

A.V.A, fully aware of her existance as the program to combat the viruses which found their way into the system and keep them from causing casuality, kept her distance from the humans whom mentally lived there. Watching over them quietly, secretly wondering what they were like. She began to act on her own terms, as if she had developed a personality and a consciousness. Harold, seeing this as a downfall which could cause more death, began to redesign Dee to get Ava back in line.

And the rest is about how Dee fights Ava and eventually they become rivals in the simulator, I'll write it out later. I need to work on A.V.A...


  1. A.V.A. : Anti Virus Action programming. Known as Ava.
  2. D.E.E. : Defensive Extraction and Execution prototype. Known as Dee. The first prototype.


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