Biographical Information
Age: 16/17
Relatives: Unknown
Alias: Mew Banana
Romantic Interests: Unknown
Physical Description
Species: Human/Mew Mew
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4/165cm
Weight: 145lb/65kg
Description: Dirty Blonde Hair(Human), Green Eyes(Human), Curvy, Olive Skin.
Mew Form
Animal DNA: Kakapo
Weapon: Banabola
Abilities: Agility, Speed, Climbing.
Mew Mark: Two folded bird wings (Sort of looks like a heart) on her right cal
Other Information
Sexuality: Bisexual
Interests: Singing, Dancing, History, Origami.
Likes: Food, Musicals, Dancing, Birds, Frilly clothes.
Dislikes: Being told to fly, Working at the Cafe, Being sick.

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